Bill Rancic net worth

Bill Rancic net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Bill Rancic

Bill Rancic net worth

William Rancic, better known as Bill Rancic, is a famous entrepreneur from the United States. He rose to prominence in 2004, after the appearance on Donald Trump reality show The Apprentice. William became the winner of the first season and won an opportunity to work in one of Trump’s enterprises. He is currently filming in his own reality show entitled Giuliana and Bill and hosts a daily television magazine program America Now. Bill Rancic net worth is currently estimated at $5 million.

William was born in Illinois, in a family of Irish and Croatian decent, hence his last name Rancic, correctly spelled as Rančić. Bill is the only sun in the family and has three beautiful sisters, Katie Karen and Beth. After graduating from Carl Sandburg High School William attended Loyola University Chicago and eventually earned a Bachelor of Sciences degree. He started casting on the Apprentice in 2004 and after the “Extended job interview” that lasted for fourteen weeks he was hired at one of the Donald’s companies. The victory in the show also boosted Bill Rancic net worth by $250 at once, as he received a monetary prize for winning the competition.

In the final episode Bill was chosen over Kwame Jackson, a former investment house employ. During the show he has to prove he is worth the position at Trump’s by completing various tasks, including overseen the construction of Trump Tower in Chicago, managing Donald’s resort in Las Vegas and Jessica Simpson concert. For those who don’t know, Donald Trump is an American business magnate and television personality, whose fortunes exceeds Bill Rancic net worth by nearly $3 billion dollars. While still in the show Bill planned to work for Trump for one year, and then leave to find his own company. However, he changed his mind after he realized how many opportunities lies within the Trump Organization and trump Entertainment Resorts.

While working for Donald Bill met his future wife, an Italian-American news personality Giuliana Rancic. Giuliana’s fortunes are not any smaller than Bill Rancic net worth: she also owns assets worth $5 million. The couple announced they are already panning their wedding in the late 2006 and got married the following year. Unfortunately, the young family was soon shocked to find out that they have serious fertility problems. After the years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive naturally the couple tried in vitro fertilization, but the procedure failed for the first two times. To make things worse, while testing Giuliana before the IVF procedure, the doctors found out that she has a breast cancer. Despite this horrible news Bill and his wife did not change their determination on having a baby. In 2012 the couple finally welcomed a son, which was named Edward Duke Rancic.

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bill rancic net worth bill rancic net worth bill rancic net worth

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