Elizabeth Taylor net worth

Elizabeth Taylor net worth

Net Worth: $600 Million

About Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor net worth

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most successful British actresses of her generation. It has been reported that at the time of her death Elizabeth Taylor net worth reached 600 million dollars. Elizabeth Taylor got involved into entertainment industry when she was just a little girl. She soon became a huge child star with MGM. Starting her career from childhood, Elizabeth Taylor established her name as one of the most successful actress in Hollywood’s Golden Age. This was also the time when a huge part of Elizabeth Taylor net worth was accumulated.

Being one of the most distinctive actresses in the industry, Elizabeth Taylor was credited a lot not only because of her talent to act, but also because of her glamorous life style, sense for fashion and violet eyes.

In 1944, she appeared in a movie, which made her a rising star in the industry, the movie being called “National Velvet”. In the 50s, Elizabeth Taylor appeared in quite a lot of movies, including “A Place in the Sun”, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, “Father of the Bride” and “Suddenly, Last Summer”. All these films increased Elizabeth Taylor net worth a lot.

In 1960, she starred in a film called “Butterfield 8”, and for her appearance in it, Elizabeth Taylor was awarded with the Academy Award.

In 1963, Elizabeth Taylor was casted for a leading role in a movie called “Cleopatra”. Also, after it, she married a man, with whom she appeared in this movie, Richard Burton. All in all, the couple starred in 11 movies together. One of such movies was a production of 1966 called “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”. Also, for her appearance in it, Elizabeth Taylor was awarded with her second Academy Award. Thus, her acting career undoubtedly added a lot of revenues to Elizabeth Taylor net worth. In the 70s, Elizabeth Taylor stopped appearing in films so much. Instead, she became more of an actress of television as well as theater.

In addition to her career as an actress, Elizabeth Taylor was also well known because of her personal life. She was married eight times and suffered many life-threatening events and illnesses. In 1985, Elizabeth Taylor founded her organization for combating AIDS called American Foundation for AIDS Research. In 1993, another foundation of hers was founded called Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. In 2011, Elizabeth Taylor passed away as a result of congestive heart failure.

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