James Burrows net worth

James Burrows net worth

Net Worth: $500 Million

About James Burrows

James Burrows net worth

It has been calculated that the overall amount of James Burrows net worth currently reaches as high as 500 million dollars, which makes him one of the richest TV directors in the industry. He started to work in the TV land during the 1970s and since that time, he has achieved a lot. James Burrows has worked as a director of more than 50 TV pilots. He was one of the creators of the popular TV series called “Cheers”, which not only made his name even more known but also added up to the overall estimate of James Burrows net worth.
He was born in 1940 in Los Angeles, California, where he was raised in a Jewish family. His father is a popular director, writer and composer, named Abe Burrows. He grew up with his one sister. When he was little, James Burrows moved with his family to New York, where he was accepted to study at New York’s High School of Music & Art. Then, he was studying at Oberlin College and continued his education at the Yale School of Drama.
When he graduated from it, James Burrows moved to California, where he started to work on his father’s show called “O.

K. Crackerby!”, where he became a dialogue coach. Then, he turned to stage work when he was hired to serve as an assistant stage manager on the production based on the novel called “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, titled “Holly Golightly”. Although the play itself was not a success, James Burrows got introduced to Mary Tyler Moore.
Also, one of his first involvements were working on the Broadway play called “Forty Carats” and working for the road company called “Cactus Flower”. Before he focused on his career as a director, which has added up a lot of revenues to the overall size of James Burrows net worth, he worked as a stage manager in theater. At first, when he started to direct, James Burrows worked with traveling plays and worked at a Jacksonville, Florida dinner theater.
In 1974, James Burrows started to work at MTM Enterprises, which belonged to Mary Tyler Moore. He signed a contract with the company as a director. There, he worked on such shows as “The Bob Newhart Show” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”. James Burrows is also regarded as the one who started to shoot sitcoms with four instead of three cameras.
James Burrows became even more known when he created the TV series called “Cheers” with Glen and Les Charles. The series became one of the main sources of increasing the overall sum of James Burrows net worth. In 1982, the series began airing on NBC. In the beginning, the series seemed to be a failure but some time later, they became a major hit on the channel. Eleven seasons of it were filmed, which consisted of 275 episodes. He directed all except 35 episodes of the series.
Other TV series, where he has worked as a director, include “Friends”, “Frasier”, “Wings”, “3rd Rock from the Sun”, “George and Leo”, “The Hogan Family” and many others.

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