Jason Biggs net worth

Jason Biggs net worth

Net Worth: $22 Million

About Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs net worth

Jason Biggs is a well known actor from Hollywood, who mainly appears in comedies. It has been claimed that the current amount of Jason Biggs net worth is 22 million dollars. Jason Biggs probably is mostly recognized from “American Pie” films, where he portrayed a role of Jim Levenstein. These films added a lot of revenues to Jason Biggs net worth, too, since they were recognized as high grossing ones. In addition to this appearance, Jason Biggs can be recognized from the animation of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, where he is a voice actor of Leonardo.

Jason Biggs was born in 1978 in Pompton Plains in New Jersey. His mother is known to be a nurse and his father is working as a manager in one shipping company. When he was studying in high school, Jason Biggs was very talented in tennis. After finishing high school, Jason Biggs was accepted to Montclair State University, however, after three weeks he quitted it.

When he was 5 years old, Jason Biggs began taking acting lessons. In 1991, he debuted on TV screens, when he was casted to appear in TV series called “Drexell’s Class”.

However, these TV series were soon cancelled. In the same year, Jason Biggs appeared on his first Broadway production called “Conversations with my Father”. This appearance led him to get a role in a soap opera called “As the World Turns”. For his appearance in it, Jason Biggs was even nominated for an Emmy award.

Later, Jason Biggs was casted to appear in a movie, which made him a breakthrough actor, that being “American Pie”. This movie also added huge sums of money to Jason Biggs net worth. He has appeared in all three parts of this movie, however, Jason Biggs did not star in the spin-offs of it. In 2002, he appeared in another production of Broadway, which was called “The Graduate” and where he starred as Benjamin Braddock. In this production, he appeared with stars, such as Alicia Silverstone and Kathleen Turner.

In 2003, Jason Biggs appeared in a comedy by Woody Allen, called “Anything Else”. Other movies, which also increased his popularity as well as Jason Biggs net worth, are “Scary Movie”, “Texas Rangers” and “Over Her Dead Body”. In 2010, he also debuted as a writer with contributing to write a poem called “Scratch and Sniff”. In 2012, Jason Biggs appeared in “American Reunion” as Jim Levenstein, the character which he portrayed in “American Pie” films.

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