Rihanna plastic surgery


When a woman is not only extremely famous but also very beautiful, people automatically start creating various speculations about her possible plastic surgery. Recently people started talking about ...
Net Worth: $20 million
Cheri Oteri plastic surgery

Cheri Oteri

Recently people started speculating about possible Cheri Oteri plastic surgery. The main reason for this probably is the fact that she is now in her 40s and she somehow manages to look the same, ...
Song Hye Kyo plastic surgery

Song Hye Kyo

Sometimes celebrities just look so beautiful that people cannot believe that their beauty is all natural. Rumors about possible Song Hye Kyo plastic surgery have been following her throughout her ...
Serena Williams plastic surgery

Serena Williams

Nowadays Hollywood actors and pop music celebrities aren't the only one's who are constantly getting all kinds of rumors regarding their plastic surgery. Apparently, these kind of rumors are ...
David Letterman net worth

David Letterman

David Letterman is America’s beloved comedian and television host, best known for his talk-show Late Night with David Letterman. Letterman is a real television veteran: he has been hosting ...
Net Worth: $400 Million
Joe Biden net worth

Joe Biden

Joseph Robinette or simply Joe Biden, Jr. is an incumbent Vice President of the United States of America. He is a right hand of the president Barack Obama and just like the President belongs to the ...
Net Worth: $500 Million
Marg Helgenberger plastic surgery

Marg Helgenberger

Nowadays it has become a common thing to hear various speculations about plastic surgery especially when we are talking about celebrities who have reached their middle age. Rumors about possible ...