Ray Romano net worth

Ray Romano net worth

Net Worth: $110 Million

About Ray Romano

Ray Romano net worth

Raymond Albert Romano, better known as Ray Romano, is a successful American stand-up comedian, screenwriter and actor, widely recognized for his part in situation comedy Everybody Loves Raymond. He started his career in the late 1980s, competing on Johnny Walker Comedy Search and went on to appear on various TV shows, including Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist. One of his most recent roles was on TNT series Man of Certain Age. Ray Romano net worth is currently estimated at $110 million, making him one of the richest comedians in the United States.

Raymond was born in New York, in a family of Lucie and Albert Romano. His father, who originated from Italy, was an engineer and a real estate agent, while his mother worked as a private piano teacher. Raymond has two brothers, named Robert and Richard. As a teenager, Romano attended Hillcrest High school, where he was classmates with Fran Drescher. For those who have not heard of her, Fran is a talented comedian, television actress and producer, best known for her role in extremely popular TV series The Nanny. Despite these multiple careers, Drescher’s fortune is significantly inferior to Ray Romano net worth: she currently owns assets evaluated at $25 million dollars.

Ray has once appeared on her show acting her old classmate. After graduation from high school Romano has briefly considered getting a “normal job” and enrolled to study accounting in Queens College. In three years he only managed to gain 15 credits and quit after realizing he does not want to spend the rest of his life looking at numbers.

Ray Romano net worth started to grow in the late 1980s, following his appearance in Johnny Walker Comedy Search. While performing in this show, Ray was noticed by television producers and landed a role in situation comedy NewsRadio. Apparently the casting team was not particularly impressed by his acting- couple of months later Ray got fired and was replaced by another comedian, Joe Rogan. This small misfortune did not hamper his career and soon Romano was offered to join the team casting Late Show with David Letterman.

Ray Romano net worth growth shifted to the high gear in 1996, when he landed a main role on hit TV series Everybody Loves Raymond. The script of this sitcom was based on the real life experiences of Raymond, producer/creator Phil Rosenthal and the rest of the show’s writing stuff. The series were syndicated all over America for nearly ten years, until the last episode was aired in the spring of 2005. Following the cancelation of Everybody Loves Raymond Romano made a few years break from television and return to the screens in 2008, with drama-comedy Man of Certain Age.

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ray romano net worth ray romano net worth ray romano net worth

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