Rick Harrison net worth

Rick Harrison net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Rick Harrison

Rick Harrison net worth

Rick Harrison is one of the most popular and richest business people in the United States. It has been announced that Rick Harrison net worth reaches an amount of 5 million dollars. Rick Harrison has accumulated his net worth through being one of the owners of the pawn shop called Gold and Silver, which is established in Las Vegas, Nevada. The shop is managed by all the Harrison family. It is the main source of all family net worth, including Rick Harrison net worth.

The family is also featured in their TV show “Pawn Stars”, where they shop is promoted, as well. When Rick Harrison was only 13 years old, he started helping his father in the shop. His son Corey is also a worker in the shop and he is also featured in

The TV show “Pawn Stars”. Thus, besides owning a pawn store, family’s net worth is also coming from the TV show.

In the TV show, Rick Harrison is mostly referred to as the Spotter. Once in the show he admitted that he decided to quit attending high school because he was getting enough money to support himself financially through his involvement into selling Gucci bags. The TV show “Pawn Stars” is the most viewed show on the History channel. Since its viewership is that high, the show was renewed and 80 episodes of it are going to be filmed, which is quite unusual for a TV show. Thus, it is safe to say that the show is one of the most important, if not the most important, source of Rick Harrison net worth.

When he was only a kid, Rick Harrison was diagnosed with having epileptic seizures, because of which he was forced to be in bed. At this time, he decided to read books since there were nothing much he could do. His favorite author was John D. Fitzgerald and his books series “The Great Brain” influenced young Rick Harrison a lot. He started to read more and more books and he particularly loved reading history and physics books. His favorite subject of the books was British Navy.

When the business of his family went bankrupt, they moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where in 1989 they opened their store Gold and Silver, which today is one of the sources of Rick Harrison net worth. the store is known all across the United States and has a lot of regular consumers.

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