Aaron Carter net worth

Aaron Carter net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter net worth

Aaron Carter is known as one of those stars, who wasted their money on various luxurious things and got into huge debts. It has been announced that Aaron Carter net worth currently reaches minus 2 million dollars. Once, he had quite a high net worth which he has accumulated through his careers as a singer and an actor.

He rose to prominence when he started singing in the 1990s as a pop music artist. In addition, he has appeared in a couple of TV shows and TV series, such as “Lizzie McGuire”, “7th Heaven” and “Sabrina, the Teeange Witch”. These appearances have added a lot to the overall amount of Aaron Carter net worth, as well. During the first decade of the 21st century, Aaron Carter was a huge teenage pop star idol.

The star was born in Tampa, Florida. There, he was born in a family, who were the owners of the Garden Villa Retirement Home. Originally, his family was living in New York. There, his brother named Nick was born. In addition, his brother was also involved into music industry and he was a member of a popular boy band called “The Backstreet Boys”. In 2008, Aaron Carter sparked a lot of controversy, when he was arrested for speeding and also in his car two ounces of marihuana were found.

When he was seven years old, he became a member of his first band called “Dead End”. After two years, he left the band because the band members wanted to switch to alternative music, whereas Aaron Carter wanted to stay with pop, the genre which later accumulated Aaron Carter net worth. In 1997, he was noticed when he served as an opening act for “The Backstreet Boys”. He was singing a song by “The Jets” called “Crush on You”. Thus, he got an opportunity to sign a contract deal, which released his first single, “Crush on You”.

In 1997, his debut album was released, sales of which also added up to the total amount of Aaron Carter net worth. The album proved to be successful in countries, such as Spain, Canada, Denmark and Norway, where it achieved the status of gold. In the next year the album was released in the United States, as well. In 2000, the second album of the singer was released, which was called “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It). It was released under the Jive label. More than 1.5 million copies of it were sold in the United States alone.

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