Aaron Hernandez net worth

Aaron Hernandez net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez net worth

It has been claimed that the total size of Aaron Hernandez net worth today is as much as 8 million dollars. In addition to his high net worth, he is also known to be earning 1.3 million dollars on an annual basis. He became known because of his career as a football player. Aaron Hernandez was born in 1989 in Connecticut. When he was studying in Bristol Central High School, he was one of the biggest stars in playing football as he set some records on a national scale. During his senior year, he got one of the most important first awards in his football career, which was the Connecticut Gatorade Football Player of the Year.

He was scouted by many universities and he chose to study at the University of Florida, where he continued his career in football. In the period of 2007-2009, Aaron Hernandez played for the Gators and was one of the biggest stars on this team, too. When he was playing in this team, Aaron Hernandez received another award, which was the John Mackey Award. In addition, he was named to the first team All-American.

In 2010, Aaron Hernandez was chosen to play at the New England Patriots and this career has also added up to the total amount of Aaron Hernandez net worth.

He has been one of the most successful players in this team and was a part of the successful duo with Rob Gronkowski. However, in 2013 he had to postpone his career in football because he was charged with murdering a person as well as he had gun-related problems. Aaron Hernandez has had many more legal troubles. He was sued for murdering a man in Miami club as well as murdering another person in Boston.

In 2012, the news were announced that Aaron Hernandez signed a contract with the New England Patriots and the contract was said to be worth 41 million dollars and valid for seven years. Out of those 41 million dollars, it was also stated that 16.5 million dollars were guaranteed money to him and such sum of money has also added up to the overall size of Aaron Hernandez net worth. It was stated that in 2014, he would earn as much as 1.3 million dollar. In 2015, he is expected to get 2.3 million dollars and in 2016 – 5 million dollars. In 2017, Aaron Hernandez is said to receive 6 million dollars.

aaron hernandez net worth

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