Ace Frehley net worth

Ace Frehley net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Ace Frehley

Ace Frehley net worth

It has been reported that Ace Frehley net worth reaches 15 million dollars. Ace Frehley has accumulated his net worth through his band called “Kiss”, which is one of the most successful rock bands in the world. In the band, he was playing a guitar and was also one of the leading vocalists. In 1973, he started his career in the band and stayed in it till it disbanded in 1982. In the band, Ace Frehley was usually referred to as “Space Ace” or “Spaceman”.

When the band stopped working, Ace Frehley also started a career as a solo singer. However, he had to stop it for a while when “Kiss” started performing again and organized as highly successful reunion tour, which also increased the overall amount of Ace Frehley net worth. The band reunited in 1996, however, six years later, it disbanded again. In 2009, Ace Frehley released an album called “Anomaly”. According to Guitar World magazine, Ace Frehley was ranked in the 14th place of the list of the Best Metal Guitarists of All Time.

In the early 1970s, Ace Frehley knew that he wanted to be a part of music industry and played in a couple of local bands.

In 1971, he and one of those bands called “Molimo” even recorded part of an album under the RCA Records. In 1972, Ace Frehley and his friend Bob McAdams auditioned to join the band of “Kiss”, which initially was called “Village Voice”.

Ace Frehley also was the one who created the logo of the band. Soon, the band members decided to paint their faces during their performances. Ace Frehley chose to paint silver stars on his eyes, which also became his trademark. His early mentioned nicknames were also created on the base of his face make-up.

Also, initially, the band did not get a lot of success and usually performed in empty clubs, thus, Ace Frehley had to take a part time job as a cab driver. In 1973, when the band got a new manager, every week band members received a salary of 75 dollars per week and it was enough for Ace Frehley to quit his part time job.

In 1974, “Kiss” released their first album which was called “Kiss”. In this album, Ace Frehley wrote two songs, “Cold Gin” and “Love Theme from KISS”. Therefore, in addition to being a guitarist and a leading singer, Ace Frehley also was a songwriter. His involvement in the band also made him immensely popular and increased Ace Frehley net worth a lot.

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ace frehley net worth ace frehley net worth ace frehley net worth

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