Adrian Grenier net worth

Adrian Grenier net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier net worth

Adrian Grenier is a successful actor, movie director and musician from the United States. He is widely recognized for the portrayal of the main character in comedy0-drama television series, Entourage. This show premiered in 2004 and was aired until 2011. Adrian’s fictional character in Entourage , Vincent Chase, was also an actor. The show chronicled his career and daily life in Los Angeles, where moved in pursuit of better job opportunities from Queens, New York. As for 2013, Adrian Grenier net worth is estimated at $15 millions.
Adrian was born in New Mexico, to John T. Dubnar and Karesse Grenier. His parents, who met in a hippy’s commune, never got married and Adriane was raised in Manhattan by his single mother. Grenier claims to have Apache and European ancestors and refers to himself as “Native American white boy”. Although his mother’s fortunes never came close to Adrian Grenier net worth, she was a successful real estate agent and never had problems supporting her kid alone. After graduation from high school Grenier continued his studies in Bard College.
His professional career started in 1997, when Adrian landed a role in independent movie Arresting Gena.

Two years later Grenier filmed in the romantic comedy Drive Me Crazy, where he appeared along with Melissa Joan Hart. For the curious ones, Melissa is not only an actress, but also a talented writer, television director and producer, businesswoman and singer. Despite these multiple careers Hart’s fortune is slightly inferior to Adrian Grenier net worth. She currently owns capital and assets evaluated at $14 million. In 2001 Adrian landed a leading role in Harvard Man, crime-comedy thriller film directed by the famous James Toback.
The major breakthrough in Adrian’s career came around in 2004, when he was cast to play Vince in television series Entourage. After gaining nationwide recognition with this show, Grenier was cast for the role in The Devil Wears Prada. The movie was positively evaluated by critics and added a solid sum to Adrian Grenier net worth. Another benefit Grenier received from playing Nate- he got the chance to work with such Hollywood legends as Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway, one of the most talented young female actors in film industry.
It is a little known fats that Adriane is also a talented film-maker. For more than three years he worked on the production of documentary Teenage Paparazzo, which centers on the difficult relationship between A-list celebrities and society. While building this movie Adrian took interviews from such stars as Woopi Goldberg, Alec Baldwin and Lindsey Lohan. Although Teenage Paparazzo premiered on HBO and never reached the cinemas, it made a solid contribution to Adrian Grenier net worth and received positive critical evaluations.

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adrian grenier net worth adrian grenier net worth adrian grenier net worth

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