Adrienne Maloof net worth

Adrienne Maloof net worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

About Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne Maloof net worth

The list of Adrienne Maloof working activities is quite impressive. She is a TV personality, businesswoman, shoe-designer and co-owner of Maloof companies, which include holdings like Las Vegas Palms Casino Resort, a professional basketball team Sacramento Kings, Maloof Productions (entertainment developments and production company which includes Maloof Television and Maloof Motion Pictures) and record label Maloof Music. Adrienne Maloof net worth is estimated at 100 million dollars and her income per season is $200.000.

Adrienne was born in an autumn of 1961 in New Mexico to George J. and Colleen Maloof. One could say that Adrienne Maloof net worth since the day she was born was higher than most of the people could earn during their lifetime if they were working 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Maloof family is the owner of various business properties worth billions of dollars. The original family name Maallauf originates from Lebanon.

Maloof empire was started to build in 1937 with a highly successful distribution service company. Adrienne was the third child in the family and has 3 more brothers: George, Joe, Gavin and Phil Maloof.

All the siblings are currently also co-owners of Maloof Companies and millionaires.

Adrienne Maloof net worth sooner or later probably would be counted in millions, as she is one of the inheritors of George and Colleen Maloof, even if she has never taken a job. Although Adrienne could have lived a luxurious life without that, she has decided to work. Actually, she has worked very hard. She started her career in Maloof Companies when she was really young and first worked in alcohol business, the department of promotions and marketing.

As her skills developed and her knowledge grew, Adrienne’s responsibilities multiplied. She soon moved to control all the marketing operations of the Maloof Companies and setting standards for customer services for all the subsidiary companies that belong to Maloof family.

Not only she is talented in doing business and marketing, Adrienne is also a very creative personality. She has worked as a producer in a number of Maloof Pictures movies, including the Feast, a successful horror film that appeared in the cinemas in 2005. Adrienne also has a role in casting The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where she works with such stars like Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer.

In 2011 the offspring of George J. Maloof uncovered yet another talent of hers and designed a shoe collection. Collection was produced by Charles Jordan brand, which bears a name of the famous French shoe designer. With so many occupations and talent, no wander Adrienne Maloof net worth is over $100 million!

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