Akon net worth

Akon net worth

Net Worth: $80 Million

About Akon

Akon net worth

Akon, full name Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam, is a hip hop artist, record procucer, songwriter and entrepreneur. Akon became widely recognised in 2004, after the release of his first album Trouble, which featured the hit „Locked Up“. This artist is also a founder of two successful music labels Kon Live Distribution and Konvict music. Akon net worth is currently estimated at $80 million.

Akon was born in South Africa, Senegal, and lived there until he was 7 years old. Until this day the musician calls African town he used to live in his “hometown”. Both of Akon’s parents were artists: his father used to play percussion and his mother was a professional dancer. The boy inherited their talent and passion for music and was able to play guitar, drums and djembe since he was a kid. Akon and his family moved to the United States, New Jersey when he was 7 years old. The first years in America were far from easy for the would-be hip hop star.

Akon found it hard to adjust to the different culture and did not get along with his peers. To make it worse, soon after the kids started to ho to high school, his parents left Akon and his brother alone in an inhospitable city and moved to live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Back in the day the boys had pretty rough time trying to subsist and it was hard to believe one day Akon net worth will be among the highest in the music industry.

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Akon’s life before the beginning of his career. Even his real name and the birth date are obscure. What we know for sure is that his success story began after the acquisition with Devyne Stephens, music mogul. Stephen gave the beginning artist lots of useful advices and eventually signed Akon to his recording company. The songs recorded in cooperation with Stephens soon attracted attention of bigger and more influential label, Universal. James Foster later revealed that he realized Akon is going to be the next radio sensation the moment he heart his record “Lonely”. Akon’s debut album was released in 2004 and added a solid sum to Akon net worth. His second album became even greater financial success and brought Akon three Grammy Awards.

To date Akon has released 4 songs that earned x3 Platinum certifications by the Recording Industries Association of America, three x2 Platinum singles, over ten x1 platinum songs and over 35 songs that made it to the Billboard Hot 100. He sells more ringtones than any other recording artist does and has created a profitable clothing line Konvict clothing. All these sails contribute to Akon net worth, which is currently close to reaching $100 million.

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akon net worth akon net worth

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