Al B Sure net worth

Al B Sure net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Al B Sure

Al B Sure net worth

It has been announced that the current amount of Al B Sure net worth is as much as 4 million dollars. Al B Sure has earned his net worth as well as his fame because of his career in music, where he is known not only as a music producer, but also as a singer. He was born in Massachusetts in 1968 and his real birth name is known to be Albert Joseph Brown III. In 1987, he started his involvement into music industry, which eventually also became the main source of Al B Sure net worth.

Al B Sure is known to be interested into a couple of music genres, such as RnB, quiet storm, new jack swing and urban music. Al B Sure to most of people is known as a representative of new jack swing music, where he is also known as one of the most successful romantic music singers. In addition to singing in this genre, he is also known as a producer of such music. Thus, his involvement into this music genre has increased the overall size of Al B Sure net worth a lot. Al B Sure is known for his collaboration with Quincy Jones, with whom he worked on the single called “The Secret Garden”, which went on to be certified as platinum.

In 1988, Al B Sure debuted as a singer when he released his first album which was called “In Effect Mode”. The album was included in the Billboard RnB chart and stayed in the top of this chart for seven weeks in a row. Thus, the sales of his debut album have also added up to the total sum of Al B Sure net worth. In that time, more than 2 million copies of his debut album were sold.

From his debut album, one single was released called “Nite and Day”. This single landed in the 7th place on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Talking more about the single, it proved to be a bigger success on the RnB chart, where it landed in the 1st place. Al B Sure’s debut album also earned him a couple awards, such as Soul Train Award, American Music Award and New York Music Award. In addition to that, Al B Sure is also known as a nominee of a Grammy award. As a guest star, Al B Sure has also appeared in some TV shows, such as “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “Late Night with David Letterman”.

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al b sure net worth al b sure net worth al b sure net worth

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