Al Gore net worth

Al Gore net worth

Net Worth: $300 Million

About Al Gore

Al Gore net worth

Al Gore is known as one of the most popular politicians in the United States. It has been announced that Al Gore net worth reaches an estimate of 300 million dollars. Al Gore is a Vice President of the United States, former senator, entrepreneur and environmental activist. All these involvements added a lot to Al Gore net worth. Also, in addition to being famous and always in the eyes of the public, Al Gore has achieved success in private sectors, as well.

In addition to his involvement into political area, Al Gore is also known as one of the most influential persons in environment preservation. Al Gore has spoken about a lot of issues concerning various dangers to the environment, such as pollution and global warming.

Al Gore is also known because of his family relations, his father being involved into politics, as well. Al Gore’s father was a Senator and a US Representative of Democrats. In addition, it has been believed that Al Gore’s decision to get enrolled into the military during the Vietnam War was influenced by his father.
When he was 28 years old, Al Gore was elected to be a member of the United States Congress.

This position started to accumulate the overall amount of Al Gore net worth. He has been involved in it for sixteen years and also was a member at the Senate and the House of Representativeness. In 1988, he ran for the post of the President, however, unsuccessfully.

Eventually, he was elected to be the Vice President under the President Bill Clinton. All in all, he served for eight years in this position – for two terms in a row, each one consisting of four years.

In addition to his involvement into politics, Al Gore has also been involved into cinema industry. He has made a documentary called “An Inconvenient Truth”, which gained him an Academy Award. Moreover, Al Gore founded a news channel called Current TV. However, the ratings of the channel were extremely low. Nevertheless, the channel was bought for 500 million dollars by Al Jazeera. Al Gore got 20 percent stake of the net worth, which earned him 100 million dollars. Therefore, this involvement also added a lot to the total amount of Al Gore net worth.

Furthermore, Al Gore is involved into Apple Inc., where he is the owner of shares worth 35 million dollars. Al Gore is also the chairman of a company called Generation Investment Management, which has assets worth 7 billion dollars.

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