Al Pacino net worth

Al Pacino net worth

Net Worth: $185 Million

About Al Pacino

Al Pacino net worth

Al Pacino, full name Alfredo James Pacino, is an award winning American actor and film director. He is best known for his roles as Michael Corleone in Godfather and Tony Montana in Scarface. In 1992 Al won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in a movie Scent of a Woman. Pacino is also a talented stage actor known for various roles, including The Indian Wants the Bronx. Al Pacino net worth is currently estimated at $185 million.

Alfredo was born in 1940, in an Italian American family of Salvatore and Rose Pacino. When the boy was two years old his parents’ relationship deteriorated to the point where Rose has left her husband and moved in with her parents. Thus Al was raised in Bronx by his single mother and grandparents who originated from Sicily, Corleone. Life in Bronx offered a lot of dangerous influences. Al has once revealed that he started drinking and smoking when he was 9-year old. He had an occasional smoke of marihuana since 13.

As a kid Al dreamed of becoming a famous baseball player and was not a diligent student, to say the least. The only lesson that Pacino really liked and did not skip was English.

Al got kicked out of school at the age of 17. This caused a huge argument between the would-be actor and his mother and encouraged him to flee from home. At the time he left Al Pacino net worth consisted of a few dollars and a change of clothes, thus he had to take various low-paid jobs in order to survive and pay for his acting classes.

During this early stage of his life Al was often unemployed and had no permanent residence. Wasn’t it for his talent and passion for acting Al Pacino net worth would hardly ever reached above the average. Al’s career settled on the right track when he met Charlie Laughton, an acting teacher who later became his best friend and mentor. Pacino first appeared on the screens in 1969 with a movie Me, Natalie. Two years late he got a role of a heroin addict on The Panic in the Needle Park.
Al’s performance on this later movie caught the eye of a legendary movie director Francis Ford Coppola.

He hired Pacino for the leading role in his movie Godfather, rejecting the candidacies of such established actors like Robert De Niro and Robert Redford. After this movie Pacino became a household name known for Coppola’s movie admirers all over the world. Al earned $35 thousand for his role in the first part of Godfather. His appearance in Godfather: Part III added $5 million to Al Pacino net worth. In 2002 Al received $11 million for acting in S1m0ne alone.

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al pacino net worth al pacino net worth

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