Al Sharpton net worth

Al Sharpton net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton net worth

It has been stated that Al Sharpton net worth reaches a sum of 5 million dollars. Al Sharpton has gained a lot of fame due to his many careers, such as being an American Baptist minister, television and radio talk show host as well as civil rights activist. All these involvements also have added a lot of financial success to the overall sum of Al Sharpton net worth. In 2004, he even candidate to become the president of the United States, thus, it also shows that he is strongly involved into politics, as well.

Talking about him as a TV and radio show personality, he has his own radio show, called “Keepin’ It Real”. In addition, he is known as a regular star on several shows, including Fox News, and usually appears on CNN and MSNBC. These appearances also add some extra revenues to the total amount of Al Sharpton net worth. In 2011, he also became a host of the show called “PoliticsNation” which is broadcasted on the MSNBC channel.

Al Sharpton is also credited with giving a lot to other people. Namely, he is in full force for African Americans and people say that he would even go to jail for defending them if he needed to.

Al Sharpton was born in New York. His first sermon was preached when he was only four years old. Later, he started touring with Mahalia Jackson, who was a gospel singer. In 1963, Al Sharpton’s father left Al Sharpton’s mother in order to have a relationship with Al Sharpton’s half-sister. Ada Sharpton started to work as a maid, however, her salary was too low in order to support the family financially. Therefore, the family qualified for welfare and they were forced to move to housing projects in Brooklyn.

After Al Sharpton graduated from high school, he became a student at Brooklyn College. However, after two years of studying there, Al Sharpton dropped out. In 1972, he became involved into politics, when he was accepted as the youth director for the presidential campaign of Shirley Chisholm, who is an African-American Congresswoman.

In 1973, he even became a tour manager of James Brown, which expanded his abilities from politics to doing a managerial work. Thus, these involvements also increased the overall amount of Al Sharpton net worth. In 1969, Al Sharpton became a youth director for Operation Breadbasket, which focused on the promotion of jobs for African-American people.

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