Alex Lifeson net worth

Alex Lifeson net worth

Net Worth: $28 Million

About Alex Lifeson

Alex Lifeson net worth

Alex Lifeson is one of the most well known musicians from Canada. His success can also be proven by the fact, that Alex Lifeson is one of the multi millionaires in this industry, since the current amount of Alex Lifeson net worth reaches 28 million dollars. He is mostly known as a member of the Canadian group called “Rush”, which has also served as an important part of accumulating Alex Lifeson net worth.

In “Rush”, Alex Lifeson has served as a guitarist. In 1968, Alex Lifeson decided to create his own band, which eventually formed into what today is known as “Rush”. Other people, who helped him to create the band, were the present members of the band “Rush”, John Rutsey, Geddy Lee and Jeff Jones. Ever since the creation of the band, Alex Lifeson has been one of the leaders of the band. Thus, there is no doubt that “Rush” has played a vital role in accumulating Alex Lifeson net worth.

In the band, Alex Lifeson is mostly known as a multi instrumentalist. He is playing electric guitar and acoustic guitar as well as bouzouki, mandolin and mandola. During the band’s live appearances, Alex Lifeson is usually serving as a backing vocalist.

From time to time, he is also appearing as a keyboard player.

In addition to his involvement with the “Rush”, Alex Lifeson is also known to be involved into other activities, as well, such as business. For example, he is one of the owners of the restaurant called “The Orbit Room”, which is established in Toronto, Canada. This involvement is also an important source of the total sum of Alex Lifeson net worth. Moreover, he is also known as a pilot and a painter.

In 1996, Alex Lifeson was titled as the Officer of the Order of Canada. This title was also given to other members of the band – Neil Peart and Geddy Lee. The band became the first rock band to get such a high acknowledgment. In the list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, Alex Lifeson is placed in the 98th position, as of right now.

Alex Lifeson was born in British Columbia in 1953. However, he grew up in Toronto, Ontario. Being of Serbian origin, his real surname is Zivojinovich, which, translated to the English language, means “son of life”, therefore, he decided to change it into Lifeson when performing. Thus, today to many people, he is exactly known as Alex Lifeson.

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