Alex Rodriguez net worth

Alex Rodriguez net worth

Net Worth: $300 Million

About Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez net worth

Alexander Rodriguez, middle name Emmanuel, is a professional baseball player, who plays in the Major League Baseball for New York Yankees. Rodriguez, also known as A-Red for the sport fans, is considered to be one of the greatest baseball players in history. Alexander holds numerous records, including the youngest athlete to hit 500 and 600 homeruns. Alex Rodriguez net worth is currently estimated at $300 million.

Alex was born in 1975 in a family of Dominican decent. His talent for baseball unfolded when he was still in high school. Not only was he a star at his school team, by that time Alex has already gained national recognition and was awarded as USA Baseball Junior Player of the Year. He was considered to be the most perspective young baseball player and the experts predicted him a great career in professional league.

As soon as Rodriguez graduated from Westminster Christian High School he was recruited by University of Miami. When Alex turned 18 year old, he was hired to play for Seattle Mariners, a professional baseball team based in Washington. That is when Alex Rodriguez net worth started to grow.

Although he was one of the youngest men to ever play in Major League, Alex demonstrated a great skill since the first games with the Marines.

In the year 2000 Alex left Seattle and signed a contract with Texas Rangers, which promised to boost Alex Rodriguez net worth by $252 million during the next ten years. To that date, it was the most profitable agreement in the history of baseball. Four years later Rangers traded Rodriguez to New York Yankees. Rangers must have regretted this decision as the next year Alex became the most valuable player in the American League and regained this name again in 2007. In winter 2007 Alex signed a ten-year contract with the New York team, worth $275 million. As Alex also earns money from various endorsement agreements, his actual income is even bigger than this. According to Forbes, in 2007 alone Alex Rodriguez net worth was replenished by $29 million and in 2011 he earned a total of $ 35 million.

However, in 2009 the news spread that Alex Rodriguez net worth and fame was reached using some illegal methods. During the raid federal agents have squeezed the documents which proved that in 2003, the year when Alex was entitled the most valuable player in the Major League for the first time, he used steroids. This time Rodriguez had to admit that he used banned substances during the year 2001-2003, however, Alex has claimed that he was clean through the rest of his career. In an interview that fallowed he deeply apologized to all his fans and blamed this mistake on his youth and naivety

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alex rodriguez net worth alex rodriguez net worth

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