Alex Turner net worth

Alex Turner net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Alex Turner

Alex Turner net worth

It has been announced that the total estimate of Alex Turner net worth today reaches as high as 15 million dollars. Alex Turner is a well known name in music industry. He is known as a member of the popular group called “Arctic Monkeys”, where he is serving as the leading singer, leading song writer and guitarist. His belonging to this band has not only made him popular, but also added up revenues to the total amount of Alex Turner net worth.

Alex Turner was born in a family, in which both of his parents were teachers. His father taught music and his mother was a teacher of the German language. When Alex Turner was a teenager, he got interested into music and the first recordings which he listened to were rap songs. Later, he got interested more into guitar music. In 2001, Alex Turner received his first guitar as a Christmas present.

Alex Turner was inspired by Oasis band to learn how to play guitar. Since that time, playing guitar has been one of the main passions of his life, and eventually this career has also added up revenues to the overall sum of Alex Turner net worth. Also, when he got his first guitar, Alex Turner was also inspired to start to compose his own music and write lyrics.

As a music writer, he worked with the band called “Dizzee Rascal” and created the band’s song called “Temptations”.

In 2008, Alex Turner got famous not only because of his music, but also for his talent of writing short stories. In addition, a huge part of his personal life has been hidden away from the media as Alex Turner is known to be not so open with journalists and paparazzi. In 2005, Alex Turner got the title of the Coolest Man on the Planet, which was given to him by the NME Magazine.

In 2007, Alex Turner founded a band called “The Last Shadow Puppets”, where he was joined by Miles Kane, who previously was a member of the band “The Rascals”. In 2008, they released their first album. In addition, Alex Turner is also known for his solo career, which is also an important source of Alex Turner net worth. Alex Turner has also worked on the soundtrack of the movie “Submarine”, where he not only composed songs, but also sang many of them. Therefore, this involvement has made him a more well known person in the industry, as well.

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