Alex Van Halen net worth

Alex Van Halen net worth

Net Worth: $75 Million

About Alex Van Halen

Alex Van Halen net worth

It has been reported that the overall amount of the current Alex Van Halen net worth reaches a huge sum of 75 million dollars. He has become famous and rich because of his musical career. He became famous as one of the founders of the band called “Van Halen”, where he played drums. The band was also one of the main sources of increasing the total size of Alex Van Halen net worth. In fact, when he got interested into music, he was playing guitar and his brother Eddie was focused on playing drums. However, Alex Van Eddie also wanted to play drums and he used his brother’s drum kit to practice it. Eventually, he became better at playing drums than Eddie.
In 1974 the band “Van Halen” was created by David Lee Roth, Michael Anthony and the Van Halen brothers. In 1977 the band got signed to Warner Bros. One year later, the band released its first album. However the Van Halen brothers became the only original members of the band who stayed in it for the whole time. Thus, the band has also served as the main source of Alex Van Halen net worth.
Alex Van Halen was born in 1953 in Nijmegen.

His father was the one who was also interested into music, as he played a saxophone and clarinet. His mother was from Indonesia. In 1962 Alex van Halen moved to live to Pasadena, California. When Alex Van Halen was growing up, he was learning how to play piano together with his brother. Thus, the brothers were exposed to music since their early childhood. As it has been mentioned, Alex Van Halen later took guitar lessons and his brother took drum lessons, but soon Alex Van Halen switched to drums. When he was in the fourth grade, Alex Van Halen joined his first band called “The Broken Combs”. The band was playing during the lunchtime at Hamilton Elementary School in Pasadena, California.
In 1971, Alex Van Halen became a graduate from Pasadena High School. Then, he entered Pasadena City College, where he was studying music theory, scoring, composition and arranging. However, when he joined the group called “Mammoth”, he quitted this college. Thus, music became one of the main sources of his fame and also of Alex Van Halen net worth. In addition to being the member of the mentioned groups, Alex Van Halen was also playing in some others, such as “The Space Brothers” and “The Trojan Rubber Company”.

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