Alfred Hitchcock net worth

Alfred Hitchcock net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock net worth

It has been reported that the total estimate of the current Alfred Hitchcock net worth is as high as 10 million dollars. He was a well known English director and producer. He was born in 1899 in Essex, England. In the industry, Alfred Hitchcock was also referred to as ‘The Master of Suspense’ and ‘Hitch’. In London, he was studying at Salesian College and later at St. Ignatius’ College. In 1921 he began to work in film industry and during his career this industry served as the main source of increasing the total amount of Alfred Hitchcock net worth.
His first job was working in film production in Paramount Pictures. Later, he was hired by Gainsborough Pictures, where he served as the title designer. It was because of his work there that he was promoted to be a director, a career he enjoyed most. Being a director also added up a lot to the total size of Alfred Hitchcock net worth.
Alfred Hitchcock became known for his master use of suspense in his films. In the 40s, he reached his peak success when he released many successful films, such as “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, “Shadow of a Doubt”, “Saboteur”, “The Keys of the Kingdom”, “Under Capricorn”, “The Paradine Case”, “Suspicion”, “Lifeboat”, “Notorious” and “Spellbound”.

Thus, his work on these films also added up a lot of revenues to the total sum of Alfred Hitchcock net worth and made his name more popular. In the 50s, his success continued with the release of films, including “Stage Fright”, “I Confess”, “Rear Window”, “The Man who Knew too Much”, “North by Northwest”, “Strangers on a Train”, “Dial M for Murder”, “To Catch a Thief” and “The Wrong Man”. Therefore, these films also added up to the overall size of Alfred Hitchcock net worth.
In 1960 Alfred Hitchcock’s name became more known internationally when he released a very successful and popular film called “Psycho”, which has been known up until this day. He film is considered as the most profitable film made by him as well as the most profitable black and white film in history. Later, he released another successful film called “The Birds”, where actors such as Rod Taylor, Suzanne Pleshette and Tippi Hedren appeared.
Unfortunately, in 1980 the director passed away in Bel Air and the cause of his death was stated to be renal failure. He had one daughter named Patricia with his wife, Alma Reville.

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alfred hitchcock net worth alfred hitchcock net worth

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