Alice Cooper net worth

Alice Cooper net worth

Net Worth: $40 Million

About Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper net worth

Alice Cooper is a well known musician. His involvement into show business has added a lot to the total estimate of Alice Cooper net worth, which has been stated to reach 40 million dollars. He has been active in music industry and singing for five decades and during this time he has achieved a lot in this industry. Alice Cooper is also well known for his performances, which feature quite different elements from other musicians, such as fake blood, baby dolls, electric chairs and many more. Thus, he seems to be quite different from other rock musicians. These elements also have added to the overall popularity of the singer.

On many occasions, Alice Cooper has been referred to as the Godfather of Shock Rock. Thus, as the name implies, Alice Cooper incorporated horror to his music in order to create rock that would shock people. This technique proved to be very successful and it also served as the reason of his popularity, with eventually increasing the total estimate of Alice Cooper net worth.

Initially in his career, Alice Cooper was a part of the band, which consisted of himself, Neal Smith, Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton and Dennis Dunaway.

In 1971, the band became immensely popular when it released their most popular hit called “I’m Eighteen”. In 1972, a more popular single of the band was released, called “School’s Out”. In 1973, the band reached its major success with the release of their album called “Billion Dollar Babies”. Thus, his involvement into the band also increased the overall sum of Alice Cooper net worth.

In 1975, he started his solo career with the release of the album called “Welcome to My Nightmare”. In 2011, the 19th album as a solo artist was released, which was called “Welcome 2 My Nightmare”. Overall, as a solo singer, Alice Cooper has released 26 albums, which is quite a huge number and the sales of them undoubtedly increased the overall size of Alice Cooper net worth.

During all his career, he tried many more music genres, besides his favorite rock, such as New Wave and heavy metal. In addition to his music, Alice Cooper is also loved because of his charming personality. Alice Cooper was named as the beloved heavy metal entertainer, a title, which was given to hum by The Rolling Stone Album Guide. Moreover, Alice Cooper is also credited with shaping heavy metal music sound.

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alice cooper net worth alice cooper net worth alice cooper net worth

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