Alicia Silverstone net worth

Alicia Silverstone net worth

Net Worth: $16 Million

About Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone net worth

Alicia Silverstone is a well known actress. In addition to her career as an actress, she is also known as working behind the scenes of acting, as she is also a recognized producer. Alicia Silverstone is a well known activist and author, as well. Thus, all these careers have added a lot to the overall sum of Alicia Silverstone net worth, which has been estimated to be as high as 16 million dollars right now. Alicia Silverstone debuted as a movie actress in a movie called “The Crush”. Because of her appearance there, Alicia Silverstone was even a winner of MTV Movie Award in 1994. Later, she established herself as a prominent teen idol and this was mainly due to her appearances in three music videos performed by a popular band called “Aerosmith”.

In 1995, Alicia Silverstone appeared in “Clueless”. Because of her appearance in it, she was able to sign a deal with Columbia, and the deal was stated to be worth multi-million dollar sum. Thus, this increased not only her fame, but also the total sum of Alicia Silverstone net worth. In 1997, she appeared in a well known movie called “Batman and Robin”.

The movie was described as a big-budget one. In this movie, she appeared as a Batgirl. After these appearances, Alicia Silverstone kept on appearing in films, TV productions as well stage shows.

Talking about her another involvement, that being of an author, she has released a book called “The Kind Diet”. The sales of the book are also one of the main sources of Alicia Silverstone net worth. Alicia Silverstone is also known to be a vegan and is an activist of PETA.

Alicia Silverstone was born in 1976 in San Francisco, California. When she was only 6 years old, she began her career in entertainment industry, and at first she was working as a model. Thus, this career also led her to appear in various TV commercials. The first TV commercial in which she appeared was for Domino’s Pizza.

Later, she began appearing on TV shows as well as films. Her appearances in both of them also earned her a lot of nominations as well as awards. Alicia Silverstone is a recipient of a lot of MTV Movie Awards. In addition to that, for her appearance in the previously mentioned film called “The Crush”, Alicia Silverstone became a winner of the Young Artist Award.

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