Ami James net worth

Ami James net worth

Net Worth: $5.1 Million

About Ami James

Ami James net worth

It has been reported that the total amount of Ami James net worth today is as high as 5.1 million dollars. Ami Jones became famous because of his career as a tattoo artist. However, in addition to it, he is also known from TV screens and also for his career as an entrepreneur. However, it is because of his career as a tattoo artist which turned him into such a well known man today. Thus, his career as a tattoo artist has also increased the overall sum of Ami James net worth.

When he was growing up, Ami James was living in Egypt and Israel. However, when he was 4 years old, Ami James father left the family and he has not been in contact with him ever since. When he was 1 years old Ami James moved to live to the United States. There, he was living with his paternal grandfathers. When he was 12 years old, he moved to Miami. He later moved back to Israel where he joined the Israel Defense Force.

When he was 15 years old Ami James got his first tattoo. He was so fascinated with this work that at that time he made his mind that he wanted to become a tattoo artist himself. This career eventually became the main source of Ami James net worth, too.

Ami James started to work as a tattoo artist in his home. In 1992 he started to learn this art professionally when he started to attend classes by Lou, which owns Tattoos By Lou. Ami James is today known as an owner of the tattoo shop called “Miami Ink”. The shop has had even its own TV show on TLC channel, which made Ami James an even more known man in this industry. The company has also increased the total size of Ami James net worth.

Ami James is also an owner of another tattoo shop called “Love Hate Tattoos”, which is established in Miami Beach in Florida. In addition to these ventures, Ami James is also known as an owner of his clothing line, in which he collaborates with Jesse Fleet and Nunez, the line being called DeVille. Ami James is also an owner of a night club in Miami, called “Love Hate Lounge”. He has recently started a jewelry line called “Love Hate Choppers Jewelry”. Therefore, all of these involvements have made his name more famous and also made him richer.

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ami james net worth ami james net worth ami james net worth

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