Amy Adams net worth

Amy Adams net worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

About Amy Adams

Amy Adams net worth

Amy Adams is one of the most successful actresses of today’s Hollywood. It has been claimed that the overall estimate of Amy Adams net worth currently reaches as much as 30 million dollars. Her involvement into acting career has been crowned with five nominations of Academy Awards. As an actress, she started her career when he began appearing in Dinner theatre. In 1999, she debuted as a screen actress and in that year she appeared in a film called “Drop Dead Gorgeous”.

When she moved to Los Angeles, Amy Adams appeared in a couple of TV shows and series as a guest actress. In 2002, she got one of her most important roles which was in a film called “Catch Me If You Can”, where she appeared with Leonardo di Caprio. The movie proved to be a huge success and it also increased the total estimate of Amy Adams net worth.

However, this role was not regarded as her breakthrough role. Amy Adams’ breakthrough role was in a movie called “Junebug”, which was released in 2005. Her appearance in this movie was praised by critics a lot and it also gained her her first Academy award nomination.

In 2007, Amy Adams also appeared in a musical of Disney which was called “Enchanted”. There, she appeared as Giselle, and her performance there proved to be a huge success both commercially and critically. In addition, for her appearance there, Amy Adams received a nomination of a Golden Globe. In 2008, Amy Adams appeared in one more movie, which was called “Doubt”. Her appearance there was also a success and it gained her more Academy Awards and Golden Globes nominations. Thus, these appearances also increased the overall sum of Amy Adams net worth.

In 2010, Amy Adams was casted to appear in a movie called “The Fighter”. Two years later, Amy Adams appeared in another movie, which was called “The Master”. In 2013, Amy Adams received even more attention when she starred in a superman film called “Man of Steel”. Moreover, her success was even more strengthened when she starred in several more films, including “American Hustle” and “Her”. Thus, all of these mentioned appearances increased not only the total amount of Amy Adams net worth, but they also added up to her overall fame. Thus, Amy Adams has established herself as one of the most successful actresses of today’s Hollywood, where she is one of the most sought after actresses.

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