Anderson Silva net worth

Anderson Silva net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva net worth

Anderson Silva is a martial artist from Brasilia, currently holding a title of UFC Middleweight Championship. He is widely known as the longest reigning champion and the longest fighting defense streak that has ever competed on UFC. Holding twelve post-fight bonus awards, Silva has been repeatedly named as the best pound-to-pound fighter in his category and the number one middleweight fighter. Anderson Silva net worth is currently estimated at $10 million.

Anderson, one of the four children in his family, was born in 1975. His parents could barely support all of their kids, thus Silva spent most of his days in the house of his relatives. The boy dreamed about taking Jiu Jitsu lessons, but at the time his parents were not able to afford sending their kid into sports school. Despite that, Anderson did not let poverty hamper his dreams and started learning martial arts by watching his friends who were taking Jiu Jitsu classes. It was not long before Silva caught onto the rules and was able to compete with the boys in the streets. Although it was not an organized training, it provided Anderson with some of the skills, which proved to be useful on the way to the champion title and helped to boost Anderson Silva net worth to its current heights.

By the time Anderson turned 12, his parents have saved enough money for him to start attending Tae Kwon Do lessons. After gaining the basic skills in TKD, Silva turned to another martial art, Capoeira. He discovering himself in fighting Muay Thai at the age of 16. His second greatest passion during the teenage years was comic books. In one of his recent interviews Silva has jokingly stated that Spider-man is his personal No. 1 hero till this day. Sadly, at the time Anderson Silva net worth did not allow him to afford even the comic books he wanted, thus the boy often had to borrow them from this neighborhood friends. In order to help his parents pay the bill a teenager did various jobs, including selling sandwiches at the local McDonalds and serving as a file clerk.

Anderson made his professional debut in the late 90s and soon established a name as a skilled martial artist. He went without losses right until the year 2000, when he submitted to Luiz Azeredo. Silva started fighting in Pride in 2002 and won against the UFC champion Carlos Newton the same year. In 2004 he won against Jeremy Horn and Ryo Chonan. After these victories, Anderson Silva net worth raised way above the fortunes of an average citizen. To this day he is continuing a successful career UFC and in 2013 is expected to meet Chris Weidman at UFC 162.

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