Andre Balazs net worth

Andre Balazs net worth

Net Worth: $450 Million

About Andre Balazs

Andre Balazs net worth

Andre Balazs is one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world. It has been stated that the overall amount of Andre Balazs net worth reaches 450 million dollars today. He is mostly known as the President of the company called Andre Balazs Properties, where he is also serving as the CEO of the company. These two positions have increased a lot the overall sum of Andre Balazs net worth. The company is known to own a lot of hotels all across the United States, mostly based in New York City.

Andre Balazs was born in 1957 in Hungary. Before he got involved into business, he completed his degrees in Cornell University as well as Columbia University. Andre Balazs is also known as a member of various boards, such as the one belonging to the New York Public Theater.

He is also known for his family relationships. Andre Balazs is married to Katie Ford, who is working as the CEO of one of the most prestigious modeling agency, Ford Models. With her, Andre Balazs has two children.

Talking more about Andre Balazs Properties, currently, the firm has eight hotels, which are based in different places in the United States.

The most luxurious hotels of the chain are known to be Sunset Beach in Shelter Island, Chateau Marmont in Hollywood and The Mercer Hotel in New York City. Needless to say, these are the hotels that have added most of the revenues to the total estimate of Andre Balazs net worth.

Talking about the Standard hotels of the chain, there belongs The Standard in Downtown LA, Hollywood, High Line, and East Village. The Standard Spa, which is established in Miami Beach, also belongs to the Standard hotels group. In addition to owning a lot of hotels, Andre Balazs Properties are also known to include 40 Mercer Residences.

In the beginning of his career, Andre Balazs was working in his father’s company called Biomatrix. In 1990, he bought his first ever hotel, which was Chateau Marmont, and since that time, he became extremely popular in the industry of hotels, and this career made him one of the richest hoteliers, increasing the total sum of Andre Balazs net worth, as well. The first hotel which he owned – Chateau Marmont – was in fact built in 1929 as apartments and they were developed to fit the term of a hotel. Also, this is one of the most profitable hotels of the chain, which has added much revenues to Andre Balazs net worth, too.

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