Andrea Kelly net worth

Andrea Kelly net worth

Net Worth: $40 Million

About Andrea Kelly

Andrea Kelly net worth

It has been claimed that the overall estimate of Andrea Kelly net worth reaches 40 million dollars, as of right now. She has earned a big part of her net worth because of her career as a dancer, which made her so popular. She is a classically trained dancer. A huge part of her career she was focused on appearing in musical theater, which made her name very famous not only nationally, but also internationally. However, when her friend asked her to go to audition for a commercial dance, at first, she was a little bit skeptical about it. However, she decided to take this opportunity anyways. Andrea Kelly won the audition and as a prize, she had a chance to go on tour with R. Kelly. When she became a part of his team, Andrea Kelly suggested that they would change some part of the choreography. Thus, she was given a couple of hours to change the choreography in the parts that she thought were not good enough. R. Kelly was so impressed with her work that he decided to hire Andrea Kelly as his choreographer. Thus, this career of hers has also added up to the overall sum of Andrea Kelly net worth.

Andrea Kelly worked as a choreographer of all R. Kelly’s tours, music videos and appearances in concerts and other events. Eventually, Andrea Kelly and R. Kelly got married. With him, Andrea Kelly is a parent of three kids. The couple was in marriage for 11 years. However, in 2009 they decided to get a divorce. Today, Andrea Kelly is a successful businesswoman as she has two dance schools. One of these schools is based in Atlanta, and another one in Chicago. Moreover, she has her own dance company. Therefore, being a businesswoman has also added up to the overall size of Andrea Kelly net worth.
Today she is also known as a TV show star. She is appearing on TV show called “Hollywood Exes” on VH1. Thus, appearances on this show make her name even more popular and also add up to the overall amount of Andrea Kelly net worth. Talking more about her divorce, Andrea Kelly was stated to receive as much as 50 million dollars as a part of the divorce settlement from R. Kelly. The concrete details about their divorce settlement are not known because R. Kelly forced a gag order on all of the proceedings of their divorce.

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andrea kelly net worth andrea kelly net worth

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