Andrew Lincoln net worth

Andrew Lincoln net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln net worth

Andrew Lincoln is a well known actor. Acting is also the main source of his popularity as well as Andrew Lincoln net worth, which has been announced to reach a sum of 8 million dollars. The first time he began getting recognized was after his appearance on the TV drama called “This Life” on BBC network, where he portrayed the role of Egg. Later, he became known from other productions such as a movie called “Love Actually” and “Teachers”, which is a popular sitcom on the Channel 4. Thus, these appearances have also increased the total sum of Andrew Lincoln net worth.

Today, Andrew Lincoln is probably mostly known from the TV show called “The Walking Dead” broadcasted on the AMC television. This is also regarded as the main source of the current Andrew Lincoln net worth.

Andrew Lincoln was born in 1973 in London. His mother was working as a nurse and his father was a civil engineer. When he was 10 years old, Andrew Lincoln moved to live to Bath from Hull. When he was a student at high school, Andrew Lincoln appeared on stage for the first time, which was in a school play of “Oliver Twist”, where he was chosen for a role of the Artful Dodger.

After that, he got interested into acting so much, that he decided to get involved into it full force. Thus, after finishing high school, Andrew Lincoln was studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. In 1994, Andrew Lincoln for the first time appeared on TV and it was in one episode of a sitcom called “Drop the Dead Donkey”, which was airing on the Channel 4.

When he graduated, Andrew Lincoln immediately was casted for a role, which made him a star. It was in the previously mentioned TV show called “This Life”, where he was chosen for a role of Egg. The show is also the one, which started to bring bigger sums of money to Andrew Lincoln net worth. After that, he became one of the most wanted actors for many British series and shows, such as “The Woman in White”. Also, around the same time, Andrew Lincoln appeared on a TV show called “Teachers”.

Other productions, from which he is also well known, are “Strike Back” and “Afterlife”. Therefore, he started to rise as one of the most successful British actors. Thus, today Andrew Lincoln is regarded as one of the most successful actors on British TV.

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