Andrew Mason net worth

Andrew Mason net worth

Net Worth: $230 Million

About Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason net worth

Andrew Mason is known as one of the most successful and the wealthiest businesspeople in the United States. It has been reported that the current sum of Andrew Mason net worth is 230 million dollars. One of the main sources of his net worth has been a coupon firm called “Groupon”.

Born in Pennsylvania, Andrew Mason was studying at the Northwestern University after graduating from high school. In the university, he graduated with getting a B.A. degree in music. Before the company “Groupon” became a public company, it used to get money from venture capital firms and it is known that it raised 950 million dollars out of them. Out of this money, early investors of the company as well as high level executives were paid 810 million dollars. During the years, the company “Groupon” has grown a lot and added a lot of revenues to Andrew Mason net worth. Currently, Andrew Mason is known as a former CEO of the company and this position also increased his net worth a lot. To most of people “Groupon” is known as a website, which offers discounts on local businesses in Chicago.

Andrew Mason was born in Pennsylvania and he was raised in the suburb area in Pittsburgh.

He was raised in an American Jewish family. When he was 15 years old, Andrew Mason got his first job. He was the founder of the company called “Bagel Express”, which was a delivery service on Saturdays.

In 2003, when he graduated from the university, Andrew Mason worked for quite some time for Eric Lefkofsky as a web designer. However, he quitted this job because he decided to study at the University of Chicago. Nevertheless, he soon quitted attending it. In 2006, Eric Lefkofsky hired Andrew Mason to work in his company called “InnerWorkings”, where Andrew Mason worked as a developer.

The first entrepreneurial venture on the internet by Andrew Mason was called “The Point”. However, today, the venture is known to be inactive. Also, it is worth mentioning that Eric Lefkofsky gave Andrew Mason 1 million dollars in order to start this venture. Nevertheless, their later collaboration on “Groupon” added a lot of revenues to net worth of both businessmen, which also increased Andrew Mason net worth. The company “Groupon” is a seller of deals to local businesses and it is one of the most popular regarding the sphere of its services.

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