Andy Dick net worth

Andy Dick net worth

Net Worth: $5 Thousand

About Andy Dick

Andy Dick net worth

Andy Dick is one of the most respected comedians in the industry. However, his current net worth is not so high as the ones of other comedians. It has been reported that Andy Dick net worth reaches 5 thousand dollars. Born in 1965, Andy Dick is known not only as a comedian, but also as a television and film producer, actor and musician. All these sources also add up to the total amount of Andy Dick net worth. Although primarily he is known as a comedian, to the public, Andy Dick is also known because of his behavior, which sometimes can be very eccentric.

The first time he appeared on TV was in a show called “Ben Stiller Show”. It added first huge sums of money to the overall estimate of Andy Dick net worth. In the middle of 1990s, Andy Dick had a role in a TV show called “Less than Perfect”. Moreover, he had a stint on the show called “NewsRadio” on NBC. For a short period of time, he also had his own TV show on MTV, which was called “The Andy Dick Show”. In addition, he is known because of his appearances in the Comedy Central Roasts. Furthermore, Andy Dick has also participated in various TV projects, such as “Dancing with the Stars”, where he ended in the 7th place.

Before Andy Dick moved to Chicago in 1979, he was living in New York, Pennsylvania and Yugoslavia. When he was studying in high school, Andy Dick appeared in almost all of the school plays. Also, in his senior year at school, he was elected as the homecoming king. After he finished high school, Andy Dick studied at Columbia College Chicago and also attended theater classes at iO Theater.

In 1992, Andy Dick began appearing on TV for one year, as he was selected as one of the cast members of the TV show called “The Ben Stiller Show”. The show was broadcasted on the Fox channel. Before he started appearing in this show, Andy Dick appeared in a few commercials, one of which was as a hedgehog for a Sonic the Hedgehog’s TV commercial.

In 1993, Andy Dick appeared in one episode of the TV show “The David Letterman Show”. In 1994, Andy Dick got a role on the TV show called “The Nanny”, where he portrayed a character of a stylist named Pepe. Thus, his career in television industry started to rise and eventually it began adding huge sums of money to Andy Dick net worth.

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