Andy Enfield net worth

Andy Enfield net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Andy Enfield

Andy Enfield net worth

Andy Enfield is one of the most successful basketball coaches. This career has added fame and financial success to him, and as a result it also increased the overall size of Andy Enfield net worth, which has been claimed to currently reach 10 million dollars. Currently, his position is coaching the basketball team of the University of Southern California.

He started to get a lot of recognition when he started to coach the basketball team of the University of Florida Gulf Coast. His coached team of this university became an achiever of 2 major feats during the NCAA Tournament in 2013. Therefore, with coaching such successful basketball teams, it is no surprise that Andy Enfield net worth has increased a lot, too.

Andy Enfield, before becoming a coach, was also a player of basketball and he was one of the best of them when he was studying at Johns Hopkins University. There, he played in a position of a shooting guard. Also, he is the one who holds 18 records of his college basketball program. At Johns Hopkins University, Andy Enfield was trained under coach Bill Nelson.

In order to support himself financially, Andy Enfield was running a basketball camp.

He mainly taught youngsters the act of shooting, which later resulted into him being an advisor on how to shoot successfully. Thus, he was nicknamed ‘the shot doctor’. When he moved to New York City, Andy Enfield released a set of video tapes, in which he is describing the art of shooting successfully with tips.

In 2000, he got involved into a quite different industry than sports. He was hired by TractManager, which is healthcare software. Therefore, not only sports, but also other involvements have added to the overall estimate of Andy Enfield net worth. He stayed in this company for five years and after he left it, he still had some stocks in it. The owner of the company stated that Andy Enfield was good in everything he did in TractManager.

In 1994, Andy Enfield became a shooting coach due to his successful advice on how to shoot successfully and began coaching teams, such as the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks. In 2001, Andy Enfield’s name was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame of Johns Hopkins University.

Talking about his personal life, Andy Enfield is married to Amanda Marcum, who used to be a model, and with her he has three kids – Marcum, Lily and Aila.

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