Andy Samberg net worth

Andy Samberg net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg net worth

It has been announced that Andy Samberg net worth has an estimate of 8 million dollars, which he has accumulated through his involvements into comedy, acting and writing. He is known as a member of a comedy group called “The Lonely Island”. Also, he is mostly known because of his career in a popular TV show called “Saturday Night Live”, where he was appearing for seven years, 2005-2012. The show also added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Andy Samberg net worth. In the show, Andy Samberg was one of the members of the mini series showed on the show, which were called “SNL Digital Shorts”.

In addition, Andy Samberg has appeared in various other productions, such as “I Love You, Man”, “Celeste and Jesse Forever”, “That’s My Boy” and “Hot Rod”. These appearances also added to the overall amount of Andy Samberg net worth.

Andy Samberg was born in California to his father who is a photographer and his mother who is a school teacher at elementary school. Although he was raised as Jewish, Andy Samberg stated that he was not so much religious. The first time Andy Samberg saw “Saturday Night Live” was when he used to sneak to his parents room to watch wrestling shows.

Thus, once he saw this show, he began interested into comedy. At this time, he was still studying at school and his teachers saw that his interest into comedy was a major distraction for his school work. Also, at school, Andy Samberg’s most favorite subject was writing classes. Later, writing became one of the most important sources of Andy Samberg net worth. Andy Samberg was a student at the University of California and later he transferred to the New York University.

Also, Andy Samberg is known for his personal relationships. He was dating Joanna Newson, a popular musician, for five years. He married her in 2013 in California.
Before Andy Samberg became a cast member of the “Saturday Night Live” show, he was a huge Internet and Youtube star. At first, he was an amateur video maker, which he used to do with a few of his friends. Also, Andy Samberg was noticed when he started posting his comedy videos on his website, Because of it, he and his friends got an agent and were invited to perform on the “Saturday Night Live”, which started to add millions of dollars to his net worth.

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