Andy Williams net worth

Andy Williams net worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

About Andy Williams

Andy Williams net worth

It has been announced that the total amount of Andy Williams net worth reaches 45 million dollars, as of right now. He was a popular singer, who was born in 1927 and passed away in 2012. During his career, the singer released 44 albums, sales of which increased the overall size of Andy Williams net worth by a mile. 15 albums out of those 44 were certified as gold, whereas three of them received a platinum certification. Andy Williams received six Grammy Award nominations.
In addition, he had his own show, which aired in the period of 1962-1971, called “The Andy Williams Show”. Also, Andy Williams appeared in quite a few TV specials. These appearances made his name even more known and also increased the total sum of Andy Williams net worth. His show was awarded three Emmy Awards.
Andy Williams is a singer of the song by Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini called “Moon River” and, in fact, The Moon River Theatre in Branson, Missouri is named after this song. More than 10 million copies of his records have been sold in the whole world, which makes Andy Williams one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

Andy Williams was born in 1927 in Wall Lake, Iowa. When he was living in Ohio, he was studying at Western Hills High School. When he moved with his family to California, Andy Williams enrolled to study at University High School in Los Angeles. When he was a child, Andy Williams was already singing in a church choir.
He had three brothers, with who he formed a group called The Williams Brothers. When the family moved to Los Angeles in 1943, the brothers had more opportunities to appear as singers. In fact, they appeared on one song with Bing Crosby called “Swinging on a Star”, which was released in 1944. Also, the brothers appeared in four musical films, called “Ladies’ Man”, “Janie”, “Something in the Wind” and “Kansas City Kitty”. These appearances made the brothers recognized in show business.
In 1953, he became a solo singer and this career also increased the current size of Andy Williams net worth a lot. One year later, Andy Williams became a regular cast member of the show called “Tonight Starring Steve Allen”. Andy Williams signed a contract with Cadence Records. The label released his third solo single called “Canadian Sunset”. Soon after that, he recorded his first Billboard Number One song called “Butterfly”. Also, this single hit the top of the UK Singles Chart. Since that time, Andy Williams released even more successful singles, such as “The Hawaiian Wedding Song”, “Lonely Street”, “Are You Sincere?”, “I Like Your Kind of Love” and “The Village of St. Bernadette”. The sales of these singles also increased the overall amount of Andy Williams net worth.
When he moved to Los Angeles in 1961, Andy Williams signed a contract with Columbia Records. The label released his album called “Danny Boy and Other Songs I Love to Sing”, which was a moderate success. After that, the singer released more albums, which also were more successful than his first efforts.

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