Angelyne net worth

Angelyne net worth

Net Worth: $500 Thousand

About Angelyne

Angelyne net worth

Angelyne is a popular person in show business. She is an actress, model and singer. All of these involvements have added up a lot of revenues to the current estimate of Angelyne net worth, which has been stated to reach 500 thousand dollars. In 1984, her name started to get more and more notice after her appearances on billboards in Los Angeles, California. Because of her modeling career, she started to get offers to appear in films. Also, she was invited to appear as a guest in some TV shows, which made her name even more recognized and also began to increase the current amount of Angelyne net worth. Angelyne is also known for her style as she usually comes with a pink Corvette.
Angelyne is also regarded as the first person who became ‘famous for being famous’. This is because of the fact that her billboards received more attention that her actual music career. Angelyne’s billboards have been shown in a lot of TV shows and films. One example of it is the opening credits of “Moonlighting”. Also, her billboards could be seen in “Futurama”, “The Simpsons” and “BoJack Horseman”.

Angelyne started her career in the entertainment industry as an actress and this involvement became one of the main sources of increasing the current size of Angelyne net worth. At first, she had extra roles in such films as “The Wild Party” and “Phantom of the Paradise”. In 1977, she had a role in the comedy film called “Can I Do It… ‘Till I Need Glasses?”. Also, she became known for her music career. She became a member of her boyfriend’s group called Baby Blue. Thus, music has served as another important source of increasing the current sum of Angelyne net worth. With her boyfriend’s band, Angelyne has been appearing in various clubs in Los Angeles.
In 1982, the singer released her debut album as a solo artist, called “Angelyne”. In 1984, she became known for her massive self-promoting billboard campaign. In 1986, Angelyne released her second album called “Driven to Fantasy”. In 1988, she got small roles to portray in such films as “Dangerous Love” and “Earth Girls Are Easy”. One year later, Angelyne appeared in “Homer and Eddie”.
However, there are no personal details given to the public about her background or personal life as she refuses to answer such questions. Angelyne has stated that she was born in Idaho and her parents died when she was a child. What is even more is that her real birth name as well as her age are unknown.
Angelyne is also an artist and enjoys painting. She has done more than 100 art pieces since she started this career in 1998. In fact, Angelyne has had a few successful art exhibitions in Los Angeles. Thus, this involvement has also added up some revenues to the current amount of Angelyne net worth. In 2000, her most recent music album was released, called “Beauty & the Pink”. Her recent filmography includes such productions as “King of Hollywood”, “Running Wild” and “Place Like Home”.

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angelyne net worth angelyne net worth angelyne net worth

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