Angus T. Jones net worth

Angus T. Jones net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Angus T. Jones

Angus T. Jones net worth

Angus Turner Jones, currently 19 years old, is an American actor best known for his role as Jake Harper in Two and Half Man. Although he is still a teenager, Angus T. Jones net worth is estimated to be over $15 million, he has already been awarded with a TV land and two Young Artist accolades.

Angus was born in Texas. Even before he started to go to kindergarten, his face was known for many from a various TV commercials. A little later Angus had small roles in such Hollywood movies as Christmas Blessing, Bringing Down the House, The Rookie, George of the, Jungle 2 and The See Spot Run. However, neither those movies nor the commercials are actually responsible for Angus T. Jones net worth. In 2010 Angus made a contract with Two and Half Man producers, which ensured him a salary of $7.9 million during the next two seasons. Angus receives 300.000 dollar for each episode and in each season there is 26 of them. This makes him the best paid teenage star in TV.

However, the more recent statements of Angus indicate that he might be leaving the show that has brought him a worldwide fame. In an interview that appeared in the media in 2012 Angus T.

Jones claimed that he is no longer feeling comfortable in the role of Jake Harper. He named two reasons for that. First of all, Angus said he feels awkward as his role in the show now requires him to play an adult and do the “adult things”. For example, in the recent episodes of Two and a Half Man Jack Harper graduates from school and joins the army.

Meanwhile Angus himself does not feel matured enough to take such role. The second and probably more important reason that made Angus consider leaving the profitable role is his recently found religious faith. Jones claimed that because of the adult storylines and indecent language in the show, he is experiencing an inner personal conflict. For those who do not know, Angus T. Jones was recently baptized and joined Seventh-day Adventists church.

On behalf of the young actor it must be mentioned that Angus T. Jones net worth was not only used for his own pleasure. He devoted much of his money and time for charity work. In 2009 Angus, along with such stars as Dakota Fanning and Val Kilmer, joined a charity project to help children that were neglected or abused by adults. Angus has also participated in a few charity concerts and helped to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Angus has also joined the alliance Be A Star, whose mission is to encourage tolerance and help to create a comfortable and equitable atmosphere for everyone, regardless of their religion, age, race or sexual orientation. All in all, it looks like an amusing Angus T. Jones net worth did not spoil him and he uses his fortunes for really good deeds.

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Angus T. Jones net worth Angus T. Jones net worth

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