Anna Gunn net worth

Anna Gunn net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Anna Gunn

Anna Gunn net worth

It has been announced that the total estimate of Anna Gunn net worth reaches 5 million dollars. Anna Gunn has earned her popularity as well as financial status because of her career in acting. Anna Gunn is mostly known from the TV show called “Breaking Bad”, where she got a role of Skyler White. The show is also known as the one which has added up a lot to the total size of Anna Gunn net worth. In 2013, Anna Gunn for her role in this show was awarded with a Primetime Emmy award.

The actress was born in 1968. Her mother worked as an interior designer, whereas her father was a real estate agent. Anna Gunn grew up in New Mexico. Anna Gunn was a student at Northwestern University, where she earned her degree in theater in 1990. In 1998 Anna Gunn was also studying at the British American Drama Academy.

Although she is mostly known for her role on the show called “Breaking Bad”, she has also appeared in some other TV shows, including “The Practice”, where she starred in the period of 1997-2002. She was also chosen as one of the regular cast members of the show called “Deadwood”, where she appeared as Martha Bullock, and which ran in the period of 2005-2006.

Other shows in which she received some roles have been “Murder One”, ‘Seinfeld” and “Six Feet Under”. Thus, her career into TV shows has been a huge part of her life, which has also increased the total size of Anna Gunn net worth.

In addition, she is also known as a voice actress. Anna Gunn, as such, appeared in video games called “Legacy of Kain”, where she starred as Ariel. In 2011, Anna Gunn appeared in a film called “Secrets of Eden”, where she got the leading part. In this film, she appeared with John Stamos, who is mostly known from the TV sitcom called “Full House”. Other movies from which she is also known include “Enemy of the State”, “Twelve Mile Road”, “Without Evidence”, “Red State” and some others. Thus, her appearances in films have also increased the overall amount of Anna Gunn net worth.

Anna Gunn’s personal life is also well known. She is married to Alastair Duncan, who is an actor as well as real estate agent. Together, they have two kids, Emma and Eila Rose. Therefore, her personal life is also well known to the public.

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