Anna Nicole Smith net worth

Anna Nicole Smith net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith net worth

Anna Nicole Smith was one of the most prominent people in the celebrity world. At the time of her death, Anna Nicole Smith net worth has been estimated to reach 50 million dollars. She has accumulated her net worth through careers as an actress, television star as well as a model. Anna Nicole Smith got famous when she became one of the Playboy girls. In 1993, she was even voted the Playmate of the Year. Thus, Playboy was the first source of Anna Nicole Smith net worth, which began to add huge sums to her net worth. Soon, she became a popular model. As a model, Anna Nicole Smith was modeling for popular brands, such as Lane Bryant and Guess.

When she was 15 years old, Anna Nicole Smith quitted attending high school. When she was 18, she married for a first time. The second marriage happened with an oil mogul J. Howard Marshall, who was 62 years old at the time of their marriage. Thus, there were a lot of rumors going on that Anna Nicole Smith married him only for his money. However, she always denied this fact. When he passed away, Anna Nicole Smith got involved into many legal arguments about her rights into his real estate.

Also, this case was highly televised and a documentary was created according to it, called “Marshall v. Marshall”.

In 2007, Anna Nicole Smith died in her hotel room in Hollywood due to her overdosing of prescription drugs. Nevertheless, she established her name in the entertainment industry, which added millions of dollars to Anna Nicole Smith net worth, leaving her daughter Dannielynn a multimillionaire at a young age. During the last part of her life, Anna Nicole Smith became one of the most talked about subjects. The topics were mostly related to her son Daniel’s death as well as a legal battle over her daughter Dannielynn, who recently also has got involved into modeling industry when being just a toddler.

Born in Texas, Anna Nicole Smith grew up in a care of her mother and aunt, because her father left the family, when she was still a little girl. Before she became a well known personality and before she started to get huge sums into Anna Nicole Smith net worth, she was also working as a waitress, employed at Wal-Mart as well as danced striptease in several night clubs.

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