Anna Wintour net worth

Anna Wintour net worth

Net Worth: $35 Million

About Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour net worth

Anna Wintour is a world-famous journalist and publisher, best known as an editor-in-chief of the most influential American fashion magazine, Vogue. Anna has held this position since 1988, when she left Britain. She has recently taken a second job and started working as an artistic director for Vogue’s publisher, Conde Nast company. Wintour is widely praised for her personal style and sense for fashion, her ability to spot the young and talented, yet unnoticed designers. On the other hand, she is often criticized for her overly demanding and rigid personality. These qualities even earned her a widespread nickname: Nuclear Wintour. This gives a good reason to believe that Miranda Presley, one of the main characters of the bestseller book The Devil Wears Prada, is created based on Anna. Loved or hated, this editor remains one of the wealthiest and the most influential woman in America. Anna Wintour net worth is currently estimated at $35 million.
Anna was born in London, in a family of Eleanor Trego Baker and Charles Wintour. Wintour is not the only person in her family, which chose the career in media industry.

Her father, who began his career writing articles, was eventually promoted to edit one of the oldest British newspapers, Evening Standard. He has also worked as an assistant editor for Sunday Express and managing editor for Daily Express. Despite this professional success and recognition, Charles Wintour fortune never came close to Anna Wintour net worth.
Her stepmother, Audrey Slaughter, was also a magazine editor and the founder of such publications as Petticoat and Honey. Anna used the advices of Charles and Audrey when she decided to launch her own fashion magazine. One of Anna’s older brothers, Patrick Wintour, is also a journalist. He is currently working as the political editor for one of the most popular British newspapers, The Guardian. Although Patrick is widely considered to be a wealthy man, compared to Anna Wintour net worth his incomes seem miserable.
Anna’s interest in fashion developed when she was still a teenager. She used to spend hours watching Cathy McGowern’s show Ready Steady Go! and reading the issues of Seventeen. This magazine was not distributed in London, thus Anna had to ask her American relatives to send it for her. However, in one of her interviews Wintour has stated that working in fashion was more of her father’s decision. When Anna was still teenager, her father got his daughter a job in one of the most influential boutiques in London, Biba. A breakthrough in Wintour’s professional career came in 1975, when the young woman started working as a junior fashion editor at the magazine Harper’s Bazaar. Following this, Anna Wintour net worth grew faster and faster every year.

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