Anthony Kiedis net worth

Anthony Kiedis net worth

Net Worth: $120 Million

About Anthony Kiedis

Anthony Kiedis net worth

Anthony Kiedis is a well known musician from the United States. He got to be popular when he began performing with the band called “Red Hot Chili Peppers”, which added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Anthony Kiedis net worth. It has been reported that his net worth is as high as 120 million dollars.

In the band, Anthony Kiedis is known to be one of the main lyricists as well as singers. He is one of not so many band members who appeared in every album of the band. The albums are one of the main sources of Anthony Kiedis net worth, as well. In addition to his involvement into music, Anthony Kiedis is also known because of his involvement into acting. He has appeared in several productions, such as “The Chase” and “Point Break”. In 2004, he also debuted as an actor, when he released a book called “Scar Tissue”.

Initially, Anthony Kiedis was living in Michigan with his mother, however, before his 12th birthday, he moved to Hollywood, where he stayed with his father. When he was still studying in high school, he made friends with people, who later became the members of the band “Red Hot Chili Peppers”, the band, which contributed a lot to accumulating Anthony Kiedis net worth.

With the band, Anthony Kiedis has appeared in 10 albums.

Also, as a lyricist, he progressed a lot. His first songs discussed topics, such as sex and life in Los Angeles, however his most recent compositions include topics, such as love, loss and addiction. Moreover, his singing style also has changed. Initially, he was more a rapper and now he is known as portraying more musical tones.

In addition, Anthony Kiedis has struggled with his drug use a lot during his life and since 2000 he has been known to be abstained from the drug use. According to the Hit Parader, Anthony Kieidis name is amongst the Top 100 Heavy Metal Vocalists of All Time. Thus, his accomplishments into music have been evaluated and recognized.

Talking about him more as a writer, as it has been already mentioned, he has released a book called “Scar Tissue”, which increased Anthony Kiedis net worth, as well. The book was initially planned to be only about his drug use in childhood, however, it came out to be a real autobiography of the star. In addition, the book was co-written with Larry Sloman.

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anthony kiedis net worth anthony kiedis net worth anthony kiedis net worth

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