Antoine Dodson net worth

Antoine Dodson net worth

Net Worth: $50 thousand

About Antoine Dodson

Antoine Dodson net worth

Antoine Dodson is known as a rising celebrity in entertainment world. It has been stated that the overall sum of Antoine Dodson net worth reaches an amount of 50 thousand dollars. Antoine Dodson is one of the most well known Internet stars, who became a singer and an actor. When he was living in the housing projects on Lincoln Park in 2010, Antoine Dodson gave an interview about the intrusion and attempted sexual abuse of his sister, Kelly. The interview became a huge sensation. The interview also inspired The Gregory Brothers to create a song according to it, with the song entering the Billboard Top 100 chart and the single was well bought on iTunes.

The interview became famous because in the interview, Antoine Dodson was speaking in a very flamboyant and diverse manner, which was accompanied by his constant looking at the camera. In the interview, he also directly spoke to the criminal who attempted to sexually abuse his sister and also to the residents of Lincoln Park. Also, he became famous because of the fact that in the interview he used a lot of street language words. The interview made him a huge sensation and it eventually started to accumulate Antoine Dodson net worth.

However, the interview also got a lot of controversy and negative comments. There were a lot of calls made for the station which broadcasted the interview stating that Antoine Dodson style of speaking could make a negative impact to the public and the whole community. However, the station answered back that if his interview was censored it would be worse than that.

The interview of Antoine Dodson became viral soon and it also inspired musicians to mix his interview into their tapes. One of them was the previously mentioned group called The Gregory Brothers”, who mixed the interview into their song titled “Bed Intruder Song”. The song proved to be quite a huge success and it landed in the Billboard Hot 100 list, where it placed 89th. The song became so popular that it became remixed by a lot of other artists, such as Hayley Williams, Ethan Luck and Jordan Pundik.

In 2010, Antoine Dodson was invited to give an interview on the Today Show on NBC, where he was interviews about his success due to the interview he given. At that time, his video was uploaded to Youtube and approximately 16 million people have watched in at that time.

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