Ari Emanuel net worth

Ari Emanuel net worth

Net Worth: $35 Million

About Ari Emanuel

Ari Emanuel net worth

Ari Emanuel, real name Ariel Zev Emanuel, is an American businessman and talent agent, best known as co-chief executive manager of William Morris Endeavour. This company was found in late 19th century, as the first talent agency in the world representing vaudeville artists. WME currently represents artist from all subdivisions of entertainment industry, including television, theatre, motion pictures, publishing and music. Ari is also a founder of a major talent management company Endeavour Agency, which by his effort was merged with William Morris Endeavour in 2009. As for 2013 Ari Emanuel net worth is estimated at $35 million.

Ari was born in Chicago and raised in Illinois. His father, Benjamin M. Emanuel, originated from Israel and was an active fighter for countries independence in 1940s. He belonged to the group Irgun, which British colonial government branded to be illegal terrorist organization. Marsha Emanuel, his mother, was also a social activist who fought for civil rights implementation in the third world. Ari has two brothers: Ezekiel J. Emanuel, who is currently working as a bioethicist at national Institute of Health, and Rahm Emanuel.

At the time of writing, Rahm is serving as the Mayor of Chicago. Although both of his brothers enjoy a great professional success, neither of them has a fortune comparable to Ari Emanuel net worth.

As a child Ari suffered from numerous physical and psychological problems, he was diagnosed as dyslexic and hyperactive. Due to his mothers commitment and endless efforts the child has finally learned how to read and not only graduated from New Trier High School, but also got into college. While studying in St. Paul, Ari lived in the same dorm room with Peter Berg. For those who are wondering who is this man, Berg is a successful film producer, director and actor, best known for such movies as The Rundown, Friday Night Lights, Hancock, The Kingdom and of course, Battleship. Despite the numerous achievements, Peter’s fortune is slightly inferior to Ari Emanuel net worth: he currently holds capital and assets evaluated at $30 million.

Ari started his career as a senior agent at ICM, International Creative Management, and soon transferred to work at Creative Artists Agency. Ari Emanuel net worth growth shifted to the higher gear when he co-founded an Endeavour Agency. Since then, Ari was described as “Hollywood mogul” and credited as one of the most powerful men in entertainment business. For his professional accomplishments Emanuel and his partner Patrick Whitesell were named Businesspersons of the Year. It also has to be said that during his career Ari made quite a few enemies. For example, in 2002 his employ Sandra Epstein sued Emanuel for psychological violence, racist and anti-gay comments. The argument was settled out of court when Ari agreed to pay her a “refund” of over $2 million.

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