Arianna Huffington net worth

Arianna Huffington net worth

Net Worth: $35 Million

About Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington net worth

Arianna Huffington, born Arianna Stassinopoulos, is an American-Greek syndicated columnist and author, best known for her website The Huffington Post. Since 2011, when her online blog and news aggregator was acquired by AOL, Arianna has held the positions of editor in chief and president of The Huffington Post media Group. During her career in the media Arianna has changed her political views more than once. Back in her early life Huffington held quite liberal attitudes; in the mid 1990s she gained recognition as the conservative commentator and by the end of the decade Arianna returned to liberalism. In the early 2000s Huffington made an unsuccessful venture into politics, trying to become a Governor of California. As for 2013, Arianna Huffington net worth is estimated at $35 million. An American business magazine Forbes has recently listed her among the most influential women in media business.
Arianna was born in Athens, in a family of Konstantinos and Elli Stasinopoulos. Just like his daughter, Konstantinos began his career as a journalist. However, this profession never brought him a fortune comparable to Arianna Huffington net worth.

When the future millionaire turned 16, she moved to live in the United Kingdom and enrolled at Girton College to study economics. In her early 20s Huffington started dating a famous English journalist, broadcaster and author, Henry Bernard Levin. More than 20 years her senior, Bernard died in 2004. Although by that time their romantic relationship has been left in the past, Arianna was shocked by his death. In one of her articles she declared that Bernard was not only her role model and mentor, but also the greatest love in her life. According to some sources, the only reason why in the early 1980 Huffington decided to break up with Levin and moved to live to New York was that unlike her lover, she wanted to get married and have children.
Arianna Huffington net worth started to grow back in the early 1970s, when with a help of Bernard she wrote and published her first book, The Female Woman. Her next major release was the biography of probably the greatest female opera singer in 20th century, Greek soprano Maria Callas. The book was entitled Maria Callas – The Woman Behind the Legend. In 1985 Arianna met her future husband, politician, film producer and bisexual activist, Michael Huffington. The couple got married after 12 months of dating. In order for Michael to run for the seat in the United States House of Representatives, the whole family soon moved to live in California. The moving was worth the trouble: in 1992 Huffington was elected to the lower house of parliament. Two years later Arianna rose to prominence as a conservative political commentator, strong supporter of such conservative causes as Bob Dole’s presidential candidacy in 1996. Following this professional breakthrough, Arianna Huffington net worth growth gained momentum.

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