Armando Montelongo net worth

Armando Montelongo net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Armando Montelongo

Armando Montelongo net worth

It has been announced that the overall estimate of

Armando Montelongo net worth today is as much as 50 million dollars. Armando Montelongo is a public speaker as well as a real estate entrepreneur. He is also known as a TV show star. As such, he has been appearing on the show called “Flip This House”, which became very popular and as a result it also increased the total size of Armando Montelongo net worth.

In addition to that, Armando Montelongo is also one of the most successful businessmen in real estate industry, as he has founded his own real estate company, which is titled Armando Montelongo Companies. In 2012, his company expanded to Texas, where the headquarters of it were established. Armando Montelongo is still active in real estate investmnets, although it is also known that he is involved into hosting seminars in various cities about real estate.

Talking more about the show which has added a lot of revenues to Armando Montelongo net worth, “Flip This House” received not a lot of popularity after its first season mainly due to the cast members of the show. Therefore, in the second season, Armando Montelongo decided to change the team and hired people from his working team in Atlanta and San Antonio. Armando Montelongo appeared on this show for three seasons overall.

In 2011, Armando Montelongo ventured into another business, when he founded his own film production company. The company was named Armando Montelongo Productions. The company was mainly established due to the fact that it had to release a movie called “Line of Duty”. The movie took place in San Antonio. In the movie, actors from San Antonio also appeared, such as Walter Perez, Vivicia A. Fox and many more. Armando Montelongo did not appear in this film, but he worked as an executive producer of it. Therefore, his involvement into film industry has also increased the total amount of Armando Montelongo net worth.

In 2001, Armando Montelongo started his career in real estate industry, when he moved back to San Antonio in Texas. In 2005, he started hosting seminars of real estate business. In 2008, his seminars were held officially when he established Armando Montelongo Seminars. It is also known that these seminars are a division of Armando Montelongo Companies. The seminars are free and they are held in various cities in the United States by the workers of the company.

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armando montelongo net worth armando montelongo net worth armando montelongo net worth

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