Arpad Busson net worth

Arpad Busson net worth

Net Worth: $1 Billion

About Arpad Busson

Arpad Busson net worth

Arpad Busson is one of the billionaires in the world. It has been stated that the current sum of Arpad Busson net worth reaches 1 billion dollars and it is expected to increase in the upcoming years. Arpad Busson has accumulated his wealth through his involvement into finances. In 1986, Arpad Busson started his career in financing industry, when he started working in New York. He is probably mostly known as a founder of EIM Group, which is known as a fund of funds firm. This company is one of the main sources of Arpad Busson net worth, as well.

In addition to his involvement into finances, Arpad Busson is also a philanthropist, who is involved in a lot of causes all around the world. In 2013, it was stated that Arpad Busson net worth reached 150 million euros, this it has grown a lot since that time.

His father was also working as a financier, which might be the reason why Arpad Busson also got involved into this industry. Arpad Busson was raised in France, and it is rumored that there he also started his career when he was just a kid and used to sell toothpicks, although Arpad Busson denies these rumors.

Arpad Busson got his education in France as well as Switzerland, where he was a student at the Institute Le Rosey. Arpad Busson also served in the French army, where he was a medic. One of his friends has stated that Arpad Busson enjoyed army a lot, he liked the discipline which was established there.

In addition to that, Arpad Busson is also known for his personal relationships. One which has been mostly publicized was his relationship with Farrah Fawcett, who is an actress. However, Arpad Busson refuses to talk about his personal life, thus, there have been only rumors regarding the mentioned relationship and it is believed that the couple met on the French Rivera, however, Arpad Busson has never admitted these rumors.

In 1986, Arpad Busson started his career in hedge funds. In this year, he began collaborating with Dubin Swieca. Later, he joined the company of Tudor Investments, which belongs to Paul Tudor Jones. In 1991, Arpad Busson began his career when he established the EIM Group, which also started to bring huge sums of money to the overall amount of Arpad Busson net worth. The aim of his company was to provide services related to fund-of-fund management to the growing market of hedge funds.

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arpad busson net worth arpad busson net worth arpad busson net worth

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