Arsenio Hall net worth

Arsenio Hall net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Arsenio Hall

Arsenio Hall net worth

Arsenio Hall is one of the most well known names in comedy industry. He is also regarded as one of the wealthiest of them. Arsenio Hall net worth has been announced to reach a sum of 3 million dollars. In addition to being involved into comedy, Arsenio Hall is also known as an actor and a TV show host. He is mostly known because of his own show, which was airing between the years 1989-1994 and which was called “The Arsenio Hall Show”. The show was a late-night talk show and it added a lot of financial success to Arsenio Hall net worth, as well. Also, the show is known to be airing again, starting in September of 2013, thus it is expected that the show will add a lot of revenues to his net worth again.

Arsenio Hall has appeared in many other TV shows as a guest star as well as some movies. These appearances include “Harlem Nights” and “Coming to America”. As a TV show host, he was also appearing on a talent search show called “Star Search”. This involvement also added up to the overall amount of Arsenio Hall net worth. He was also known as a sidekick to Alan Thicke in the latter’s TV show called “Thicke of the Night”.

In 2012, Arsenio Hall was appearing on another TV show called “Celebrity Apprentice 5”, where he also became the winner.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Arsenio Hall was involved into performing magic tricks when he was still growing up. After graduating from high school, Arsenio Hall became a student at Ohio University. There, he was a member of his university’s speech team. Later, he transferred to Kent State University, from which he also graduated.

In order to progress in his career as a comedian, Arsenio Hall moved to Chicago and later to Los Angeles. His first performances as a comedian were in a show called “Soul Train”. In 1984, Arsenio Hall started to appear on “Thicke of the Night”, where he was the sidekick of the host of the show, Alan Thicke. Also, because of this role, Arsenio Hall has been often confused with Monty Hall. In addition, Arsenio Hall is known as a voice actor. He was the one, who voiced the character of Winston Zeddemore in the animated series of “The Real Ghostbusters”. Thus, this involvement also increased the overall amount of Arsenio Hall net worth.

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