Arthur Blank net worth

Arthur Blank net worth

Net Worth: $1.7 Billion

About Arthur Blank

Arthur Blank net worth

It has been claimed that the overall size of the current Arthur Blank net worth is as much a s 1.7 billion dollars, which also makes him one of the richest celebrity in the world. Arthur Blank is known as a businessman to the public. Mostly, his name is related to The Home Depot, in which he serves as a founder. Other involvements due to which he is known to the public is his interest into sports and his work in philanthropy. Talking about his involvement in sports, Arthur Blank is the owner of the team called Atlanta Falcons, which is playing in the National Football League. Thus, this involvement is also regarded as an important source of Arthur Blank net worth.

Arthur Blank was born in 1942 in a Jewish household. He grew up in New York City. When he graduated from high school, Arthur Blank was a student at Babson College. From it, he graduated in 1963 and got his degree in accounting and business administration.

Soon after his graduation, Arthur Blank started working in the company called “Arthur Young and Company”. There, he worked as a senior accountant. Later, he began working in the popular Daylin Corporation.

However, in 1978, he lost this job due to internal power struggle.

In the same year, Arthur Blank created his own business – and it was The Home Depot. In creating it, Arthur Blank was joined by Bernard Marcus, with whom he also was working in the Daylin Corporation. His own business began to add bigger sums of money to the total estimate of Arthur Blank net worth.

Their company is known as a kind revolutionary one, because of the fact that it made a lot of changes in the home improvement industry. They also changed the concept of warehouse. Their new ideas were accepted to the public, and as a result, both of them, Arthur Blank and Bernard Marcus, soon became one of the richest people in the industry.

For 19 years, Arthur Blank was serving as the president of the company. Later, he replaced Bernard Marcus and got duties that of the CEO of the company. These positions also added up to the total amount of Arthur Blank net worth. In 2001, however, Arthur Blank officially stated that he was leaving the company as a co-chairman. Overall, his involvement into his own business has brought Arthur Blank a lot of fame and financial success.

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