Artie Lange net worth

Artie Lange net worth

Net Worth: $12 Million

About Artie Lange

Artie Lange net worth

Arthur Steven Lange, better known as Artie Lange, is an American comedian, actor and radio personality. He is widely recognized as one of the characters on TV shows MADtv and The Howard Stern Show. As a stand-up comedian, Artie began his professional career when he was still a teenager. He gained prominence in the mid 1990s, appearing on MADtv. Following this, Lange featured on the comedy film Dirty Work and Norman MacDonald’s TV series The Norm Show. During the 2000s Arthur has released a couple of comedy albums: Jack and Coke and It’s the Whiskey Talkin’. In 2008 the comedian and Anthony Bozza co-wrote the book entitled Too Fat To Fish, which hit New York Times Best Seller list at No. 1. Artie Lange net worth is currently estimated at $12 million.
The future millionaire was born in New Jersey, to Judy and Arthur Lange. His mother was housewife, while his father worked as a general contractor. When Artie was still a baby, his father faced charges for counterfeiting a large sum of money. The only reason he did not end up in jail was his newborn son: the court realized that young family if Arthur Sr.

had gone to prison, the family would have lost the only breadwinner. While studying at Union High School, Artie excelled at baseball. According to some commentators, had he concentrated on sports, Artie Lange net worth could have reached tens of millions. However, the teenager did not have much spare time for training, as he spent hours after school working with his father.
In the mid 1980s the life at Lange’s family house has changed unrecognizably. His father fell from the ladder and experienced a back injury, which left him paralyzed. Following this tragedy the family encountered some huge financial issues, which forced Judy to take a second mortgage. Trying to make the ends meet, Artie and his mother have contacted a number of celebrities. They asked them to donate some unnecessary items, which could be sold in an auction. The only person to respond was Howard Stern, a radio and television host, actor and author. For the curious ones, Howard’s fortune is currently much greater than Artie Lange net worth. The celebrity owns capital and assets evaluated at $500 million.
Artie’s professional career took off in the mid 1990s, when he was cast for Adam Small’s and Fax Bahr’s comedy series MADtv. Although the fame and recognition have boosted Artie Lange net worth to enviable heights, it did not bring him personal happiness. In the middle of second MADtv season Artie had to take a temporary break from acting, so he could concentrate on fighting his cocaine addiction. His battle with drugs was unsuccessful: it’s been reported that heroin abuse caused Lange’s break up with his long time girlfriend Dana Cironi. In 2010 the millionaire has attempted a suicide.

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artie lange net worth artie lange net worth

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