Asap Rocky net worth

Asap Rocky net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Asap Rocky

Asap Rocky net worth

ASAP Rocky is known as a rapper in the entertainment industry. It has also been announced that the estimate of ASAP Rocky net worth reaches 3 million dollars. Born in New York, ASAP Rocky is also known as Rakim Mayers in the real world. He is also known from the hip hop band called ASAP Mob.

In 2011, ASAP Rocky released his debut mix tape which was called “Live. Love. ASAP”. The album gained a lot of critical praise and the sales of it started to accumulate ASAP Rocky net worth. Because of his successful album, ASAP Rocky got an opportunity to sign a contract deal with various recording labels, such as Sony Music Entertainment, RCA Records and Polo Grounds Music.

In 2013, he released his first album called “Long. Live. ASAP”. The album was a success and it hit the top of the Billboard chart. In addition to being a rapper, ASAP Rocky is also known as a producer. He has produces music videos for himself as well as for his band ASAP Mob and artist Danny Brown. Moreover, ASAP Rocky is known as a music producer and when he is producing, he is going by the name of Lord Flacko. Thus, these two involvements also add a lot of financial success to ASAP Rocky net worth.

When he was eight years old, ASAP Rocky began interested into rapping. The one who taught him how to rap was his older brother, who was wearing a hairstyle of French braids, which later also became the hairstyle of ASAP Rocky. When ASAP Rocky was 12 years old, his father was charged with possessing drugs and he died in 2012. When he was 13 years old, ASAP Rocky’s brother passed away. Also, when his father died, ASAP Rocky was moving from one shelter to another, where he usually sold drugs. At that time, he was only 15 years old. He also was selling cocaine in the Bronx. Thus, besides his successful career in music, ASAP Rocky had to undergo some tragic moments in his life, as well.

Also, when his brother died, ASAP Rocky felt that he had to get fully involved into rapping, which was also an activity loved by his brother. One of ASAP Rocky’s music idols was rap group called The Diplomats. Later, he began getting involved into rap more and more seriously, which started to accumulate ASAP Rocky net worth.

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asap rocky net worth asap rocky net worth asap rocky net worth

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